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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Éxito y polémica en WineFuture HK

Pancho Campo MW (more bluster)

Éxito y polémica en WineFuture HK ( 

The article on elmundodelvin led to the following discussion on Verema:

with typical bluster from Pancho Campo MW: 

'No winery or regulatory board of all that Jay Miller has visited in Spain has ever had to pay no fees or expenses, or for that visit their facilities, or for wine tasting.' 

If so why did Murcia estimate that a two and half day visit by Jay Miller and Pancho Campo MW would cost them 29,000 euros? Equally why isn't Miller visiting Vinos de Madrid?

One respondent asked if the famous email was a fake but this comment was ignored.

Further threats of legal action (comment no 8):

'Re: Éxito y polémica en WineFuture HK
Efectivamente Ramico, estábamos esperando a terminar el Winefuture para iniciar acciones legales por parte de todos los que estamos implicados, tanto en España como en EEUU. La diferencia es que nosotros tenemos contratos y documentación para probar nuestra postura. Además, ahí están las bodegas y los consejos como testigos para responder. Estamos todos bastante cansados con el tema así que pondremos el asunto en manos de las autoridades correspondientes y a los que tiran la piedra y esconden la mano con seudónimos, llamadas anónimas, etc. ya hemos contactado al departamento de delitos telemáticos de la Guardia Civil.

Re: Success and controversy WineFuture HK (Google translation)
Ramic Indeed, we were hoping to finish the Winefuture to take legal action by all of us involved, both in Spain and the U.S.. The difference is that we have contracts and documentation to prove our position. In addition, there are the wineries and advice as witnesses to answer. We're all pretty tired with the subject so we will put the matter to the appropriate authorities and those who throw stones and hide the hand with pseudonyms, anonymous calls, etc.. we have contacted the Department of Crime telematics Civil Guard.'

The Wine Academy15/11/11 (10:16)

Really? Vincent Pousson, Jacques Berthomeau, Tyler Colman (Dr Vino), Mike Steinberger (Wine Diarist) and Jim Budd (Jim's Loire)!!

Update: 19.00 16.11.2011
The distinguished El Mundo wine writer, Victor de la Serna, commenting briefly on Pancho Campo's claim that no wineries or regulatory body have been charged for a visit by Jay Miller has revealed that a number of wineries in Murcia have confirmed that the email sent by Asevin on 4th October 2011 is genuine.

See below:

Around the polemics which echoed elmundovino, I read a remark that makes the field itself (which has not been forwarded to us), and reproduce for your interest:

"No winery or regulatory board of all that Jay Miller has visited in Spain has never had to pay no fees or expenses, or for that visit their facilities, or for wine tasting. So far, Miller has visited almost 100 wineries and tasted over 3000 wines from Rioja, Toro, Ribera del Duero, all appellations Catalonia, Navarra, Campo de Borja, Castilla La Mancha and Major Payments in Spain. Coming soon will visit Jerez, Malaga, Montilla, Murcia and Valencia. All fees and expenses generated by these visits have been paid by The Wine Advocate. The only occasions where The Wine Academy has been charged in Fenavin fees because we are hired to arrange a tasting for 300 people and a conference with Miller, as in Navarra to conduct a similar event coinciding with San Fermin. There is documentation that demonstrates the above or the testimony of interested parties. "

Several wineries in the region of Murcia have confirmed to elmundovino on the other hand, the authenticity of e-mail specifying Asevin payments to taste wines to cover the € 29,000 cost of the visit of Miller. (I have edited this Google translation of this last sentence slightly without I hope changing its sense.)


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