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Friday, 31 August 2012

Oafish twat driving SK07 AWJ on Hoy gives motor homes bad name

Road hog SK07 AWJ on the Isle of Hoy

Many of the roads on the island of Hoy are single track, so it is customary for slow moving vehicles to use the many passing places to allow faster vehicles to pass. Not so the above motor home (SK07 AWJ), which we followed most of the way from the village of Hoy to Lyness. Despite a number of requests to let us pass, the driver of SK07 AWJ stubbornly refused to pull off to let us through – a manouvere that would have taken only some 15 seconds. Instead the driver continued to crawl along. The roads of Hoy have little traffic, so it is highly likely that would have been the only time they needed to pull over.         

Orkney: Skara Brae

5000 year walk 
Replica of a neolthic hut@Skara Brae
Lobster and fish for tea! 

The hut 

Plan of the site 
The site 

Early houses 

Neolthic huts (above and below)

 The shoreline

 Shore@Skara (above and below)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Orkney: a few views from Wideford Hill, above Kirkwall

Down towards Kirkwall and its port

 Light over Scapa Flow

Northwards from Wideford Hill

Orkney: more photos of the west coast

 Cemetry near Stromness (above and below)

Shore strata and Hoy

 Ferry heading out past Hoy (above and below)

Graves and Hoy

 Graves (above and below)

Old croft (above and below)

Sea near Yesnaby (above and below)



Yesnaby looking towards Hoy

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Orkney: more photos

 Trio of photos taken around 6.30am on Tuesday morning 

Stromness to Scrabster ferry (above and below)

Above Stromness to lighthouse of Scapa Flow

Sunlight on Scapa Flow (above and below)

Stromness and out to Scapa Flow

 Red car and across to Hoy

Across to Hoy


 Houses and the ocean

 A lampscape

A tartan horse

Orkney: a trio of photos

 Early morning light on Hoy

 The stones@Brodgar

Road sign on the north of the main island