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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pancho Campo MW's considered reaction to Jumillagate

Dr Pancho Campo MW: 'not worse (sic) responding'

Followers of Pancho Campo on twitter may well have already seen this brief exchange where Campo gives his considered opinion of the financial arrangements that needed to be fulfilled to permit The Spanish Wine Academy to permit Jay Miller to visit Murcia.

On 1st November Vinformative (Vinformative Boston, MA. If you like wine, you'll love Vinformative! Database + Apps for Wineries, Distributors, Restaurants, Retailers + Consumers. Tweets by Founder Mark Goldberger)

Tweet from Goldberger:

@PanchoCampoMW Thought you should know about this, if you haven't read it already.…

Responses from Campo:

@Vinformative He is the biggest WK

@Vinformative Thanks so much. Not worse responding. Google NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

This exchange tells you all you need to know about Pancho Campo MW. Couldn't care less about how the revelations of this grubby financial arrangement may affect the reputations of the great and the good he has invited to his Wine Future Show in Hong Kong (6th-8th November). I'd be very surprised if some of the more thoughtful and media-savvy speakers and other paid participants are not now feeling a little queasy at the prospect of sharing the spotlight with Pancho Campo and his Wine Academy in the light of the recent revelations. Will they wish to recoil from Campo's warm embrace fearful that it is only too likely that there is more to come out about the way Campo and The Wine Academy manages the diary of Jay Miller (The Wine Advocate).

I trust that the journalists covering Wine Future will spare the time to ask questions of Campo and, in particular, Robert Parker about the financial arrangements in Murcia. They might also consider asking about the fees being paid to the headline speakers and whether money has been demanded from producers whose wines have been selected for the big tastings. If it is 3000 euros for a sample in Murcia, what might it be in Hong Kong?

Campo also appears to care little about the embarrassment and humiliation that these revelations have heaped on Murcia. I gather the hunt is on to find the person who leaked the original email. Can I suggest that they waste no more time on this fruitless search, instead have the courage to explain exactly what happened and make it clear that they no longer wish be associated with Campo and his Wine Academy of Spain.

And Jay Miller? I would suggest that he reads Robert Parker's ethics paper with due attention and then contacts Juan Antonio Ruiz Jiménez (Asevin) or the DOs direct telling them that he would like them to arrange a comprehensive visit to the three DOs organised according to Robert Parker's established rules. Unfortunately on this occasion Pancho Campo MW will not present.

Shortly after the exchange of twitters with Campo, Mark Goldberg tweeted: Vinformative
@ A must read for any business! RT @DaveKerpen 5 Reasons Why Ignoring Negative Social Media is a Career Ender Could someone bring this to Parker's attention please?


Wink Lorch said...

I very much doubt anyone will say or discuss anything in HK, as on his twitter stream on 31 Oct PCMW said to @nealmartin and @timatkin that this was now in the hands of lawyers.... In the end, though we all need answers, poor Murcia and its wine producers can only be the biggest loosers here in the short-term, I suspect.

Wojciech Bońkowski said...

Perhaps Pancho writing about Narcissistic Personality Disorder was just an acute self-diagnosis?

Anonymous said...

1. A term referring to a person who makes others highly uncomfortable.
2. A description of a academic subject head who does not teach the source material and is often an pathological liar.

I wonder which definition PC has in mind.
If it is the 2nd, then has to prove the Asovin document and other emails are false.

Luc Charlier said...

As a non-native but INTERESTED English speaker, I’m keen on learning more about WK.
In Medicine, WK stands for Wernicke –Korsakov, the name of a syndrome involving many neurological and psychiatric defects (motoric, sensitive and intellectual) linked to alcohol-overconsumption. Sometimes it also refers to – I used to be a nephrologist before I became a wine-maker – Wilson and Kimmelstiehl, the pathologists who described very specific diabetic kidney lesions. Could it also mean “wacky”, a term a very dear Scottish friend of mine used in order to describe .... me ? Or is it abridged from some patronym, say Wilson Kennedy, for instance ?

Luc Charlier said...

I took the time to read the small note on the reasons one would have NOT to ignore the pressure of social media. Although “chacun voit midi à sa porte » - I’m not sure there is an English equivalent to this one, but please correct me – and the author may have a personal reason to magnify those networks’ impact, it made me think for a while.
Still, “rumours” have always been around, be they conveyed by social networks or other ways. Should one always give consideration to gossip ?
Interesting debate, Jim. By the way, are you the biggest WK ?

Jim's Loire said...

Wink. I would be amazed if a) Pancho Campo has involved any lawyers in this and b) if he has that anything comes of it. What grounds does he have for legal action.

In my experience Pancho or one of his stooges threatens legal but no action materialises.

I have certainly heard nothing from either Pancho or any of his lawyers.

Anonymous said...

On Mr Campo's blog
and more precisely in the twitter window, one can read that the Hong Kong venue has started with a Krug cocktail - it's party as usual.
Iim Atkin is there and happy, Daniel Greve says Muy Bueno, Jamie Good is glad to be in Hong Kong.

Mr Budd, don't overestimate the courage of journo's whose there and back tickets may be paid by the organization.

Anonymous said...

Mr Campo may think you are vicious,Mr Budd: he once said that of all bloggers.

See here:

Jim's Loire said...

Anon. Thanks for the advice. I guess we will learn who are the party goers and who are the journalists.

Jim's Loire said...

Wojciech: Thanks for your comment.

Impossible really for me to comment on whether Campo's diagnosis is a case of 'acute self-diagnosis'. Unlike Dr Campo I'm not a trained doctor.

I do note, however, that today's press release from The Wine Academy Spain states: 'Pancho Campo, the first and only Spaniard to hold the title of Master of Wine'.

Campo (the Dubai fugitive) is a Spaniard by adoption as he was born in Santiago and moved to Spain when he was 13. The only native born MW Spaniard is Pedro Ballesteros Torres. He was born in Quart de Poblet (Valencia) in 1961 and is currently based in Brussels.

Worth remembering, however, that Campo's father was a distinguished anesthetist at the hospital in Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

and somehow he managed to have almost no echo on this Jumillagate in Spain! would be funny to know why...