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Monday, 9 March 2009

Wine on the internet: the debate goes on

'What future for wine if you can no longer talk about it?'
Good and pertinent question on a road sign in Anjou last summer
(photo from Micaela and Sue, La Grande Maison)

Today the French parliament will continue to debate the measures proposed by Roselyne Bachelot – namely restrictions on sales of alcohol in garages and publicity on the internet.

The news appears to be more positive, Bachelot apparently accepts an amendment to allow alcohol to continue to be sold at garages but is firm on the total restriction on selling chilled alcohol from any garage.

On publicity about alcohol on the internet the two deputies, Yves Bur (UMP) et Jean-Marie Le Guen (PS), whose amendment proposed limiting this to solely producers or négociants, are reported to prepared to accept another, more sensible, amendment. This has been put forward by Jacques Domergue from the Herault in the south of France and would authorise publicity for alcohol anywhere on the net, except for sites for young people or sporting sites.

Fuller details in French here.


From Tim York on the wine forum of Tom Cannavan’s wine-pages
This morning Télématin interviewed Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Health.

Against a politely hostile interviewer she made the following points about the new draft law on l'Hôpital, etc.

- Her overriding aim is to protect the young.

- It has never been her intention to ban promotional and professional wine tastings and these will be excluded from the scope of the ban on "open bars" as will consumption during "fêtes"; she was asked to explain what this last meant in practice but did not.


Bob Rossi said...

I won't even comment on the Internet part. But what is this "garage" problem? Is it the mere association of wine and autos? Or has there been a problem with people picking up a couple of bottles of beer to swig down as they drive. And while on the subject of garages and wine, I recall an outstanding wine selection at a garage in Faugeres in the Languedoc. Do they want to drive people like that out of business?

Anonymous said...

In case readers haven't caught up with the news - some sense has prevailed. Wine sales and publicity will be allowed on the internet, providing not on any sites destined for 'minors' and providing it complies with the Loi Evin, restricting advertising on alcohol generally in France.
Relief all round and - providing this is properly ratified by senate - an end to this ridiculous debate stopping wine producers and all working in the wine industry in France moving into 21st century communication without fear of breaking the law.

Jim's Loire said...

Bob I think it is is the mere assocation of wine and autos.

Jim's Loire said...

Wink. Many thanks for the update – good news of sense has prevailed!