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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bourgueil: a few photos of the town and its abbaye

Abbaye de Bourgueil

Detail of Abbaye

The Abbaye de Bourgueil 

New vertical press near the Abbaye...

Mickey Bar makeover in centre of town

Hotel de l'Ecu de France

Hotel de L'Ecu de France: commemorative stone  

 Les Halles@Bourgueil: Saturday market (above and below)

 Maison des Vins de Bourgueil


Anonymous said...

The grey Audi on the last photo has exceeded its parking time. Que fait la police?

Jim's Loire said...

Bonne question!

Luc Charlier said...

Jim, some nice pictures again but .....
One can clearly read the registration of most cars you feature on your blog.
This is a breach in privacy, as some owners may not want the public to know they were parked there at that time ! Did you ask for their permission, to all of them ?
Of course I’m exaggerating, but my point is all those rules about showing pictures of the public, “owning” the copyrights of pictures and so on, is just a mess.
This being said, I, for one, would much rather protect the privacy of those who where photographed without even knowing it, than the money of the one who took the picture and wants to flog it.

Jim's Loire said...

Number plates: fair and correct point Luc. Fotos have been adjusted and as far as I can see there are now no readable number plates in this short series.

Luc Charlier said...

You’re a great chap, Jim and a witty man. I’m very fond of you.
This business of royalties and copyright really pisses me off.
I think you’ve understood my point. I don’t deny anyone the right to make a living. But being paid “just for the sake of creation” is all too easy.
Another point: if I’m the owner of a “Château de la Loire” - surely a work of art or don’t you think so? – and if someone sells a picture of MY Castle, taken from outside the fences or boundaries of the park, whose money should it be?
Finally, just pressing the trigger is a different matter from painting a frame or writing 200 pages of sheet music!
Why don’t you argue that, if people do nothing wrong, why should they bother being spotted any place any time? I think one could support this view as well, and all my argumentation tumbles down. Not easy.

Jim's Loire said...

Luc. Did Marcel Duchamp take longer to sign his WC than it takes to compose and take a photo?

Should a writer who can only manage to type with one finger be paid more than someone who can use both hands at a keyboard?