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Thursday, 7 June 2012

1855 reveal mechanics of their Ponzi scheme

1855.con: Current offer on 2011 en primeurs 

I would suggest that this 'Crazy Primeurs 2011' offer surely reveals the mechanics of the 1855 Ponzi scheme run by Emeric Sauty de Chalon and Fabien Hyon.   

Six months ago Fabien Hyon said in an article by Rue89 that 1855's strategy was to reduce the sales of en primeurs in 2012 to 15% of their turnover. In 2006 it had been 60%. Hyon also admitted that the failure by 1855 to deliver the en primeurs ordered was 'unacceptable'.  

From Rue89:
« Nous ne respectons pas toujours nos propres conditions générales de vente concernant les délais de livraison, et ce n’est pas acceptable », reconnaît le directeur général, Fabien Hyon. « Mais nous remboursons intégralement les clients souhaitant renoncer à leur commande. »

Preuve que les soucis ne sont pas terminés pour : les plaintes arrivent en nombre croissant à la Brigade sur les vins, installée à Aubervilliers.

Depuis cinq ans, les ventes de primeurs représentent une part toujours plus faible de l’activité de En 2012, la société veut diminuer les ventes de vin primeurs à 15% de son chiffre d’affaires, contre 60% en 2006.'

So why the apparent change in strategy?

The answer is surely in the promise made in the article by Hyon that disappointed 1855 clients will have their money fully refunded. As many clients of 1855 have discovered the promises of Fabien Hyon and Emeric Sauty de Chalon are somewhat elastic. However, the blizzard of court cases against 1855 (well into three figures) are likely to oblige de Chalon and Hyon to keep this promise. Furthermore we are now just three weeks away from the end of June when the 2009 en primeurs are supposed to be delivered.  

On past performance the chances of 1855 delivering the 2009 by the end of June must be fat zero, so triggering a raft of new court cases against 1855. With Jean-Pierre Meyers possibly reluctant to pour more money into 1855, only bringing him grief and tarnishing his reputation, 1855's conseil d'arnaques – headed by Emeric Sauty de Chalon and Fabien Hyon – desperately needs capital to meet the ever-growing court judgments. As we have seen in the past these judgments often involve 1855 having to settle for twice the original purchase price plus the complaint's legal fees. What would the late great Charles Ponzi have done in this situation?

You guessed! Recruit a new set of dupes (des pigeons) who think they are getting their 2011 Bordeaux en primeurs at a bargain price but who are actually funding the multiple 2012 court judgments against 1855. In turn these poor dupes may well never receive their wine, although they might receive an invitation to a glittering Champagne soirée at Emeric Sauty de Chalon's Château Ponzi.     

Charles Ponzi

'Management' and leading shareholder of 1855 
Emeric Sauty de Chalon and Fabien Hyon are the senior 'management' (conseil des arnaques) team of 1855 (, 1855.con). Thierry Maincent was a director and one of the directeur général délégués until he resigned his posts for personal reasons on 30th September 2010. Businessman Jean-Pierre Meyers, who is on the boards of L'Oreal and Nestlé, is a long-term shareholder of 1855. 

1855 is a probationary member of La Fevad!!

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