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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

1855 – dupes its shareholders too! Emeric Sauty de Chalon – can't you even get the share price right?

From 1855 investors' page: 19.6.2012: 'Cours de bourse: 0.07€
Reality: 0.04€ all day

Claimed company valuation@0.07€: 28.25m€

Actual company valuation@0.04€: 18.07m€  

Difference between 1855's claims and reality: 10.18m€

Number of shares (titres) according to 1855: 403,580,632 

Actual number of shares: 451,695,031


No only does 1855 (senior management: President – Emeric Sauty de Chalon – Fabien Hyon – Managing Director) systematically dupe its en primeur customers will promises of deliveries that do not arrive, it also appears to set out to dupe its investors by posting inaccurate share data on the 1855 site.  

The claim above that shares are trading at 0.07€. The reality below from Boursorama and NYSE that shares in 1855 are trading at 0.04€ as they did yesterday and that the value of the company by its shares is 18.07MEUR and not 28.25MEUR as the company claims. 1855's shares have not been at 0.07€ for some time.

NYSE showing the downward curve over the last year

1855: share price movements: almost all red

Emeric Sauty de Chalon's amended invitation to 1855 investors: 

'Batir la première arnaque mondiale dans la vente de grands vins' 

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