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Friday, 27 April 2012

Lincoln Siliakus is home

Lincoln Siliakus@2012 Salon des Vins de Loire

Australian-born wine writer, Lincoln Siliakus, is now back at his home in Sablet after being taken seriously ill at the beginning of March. Lincoln is perhaps best known for having ridden in 2009 a vintage Solex, the scooter that liberated at least a generation of French teenagers, from Chablis to Sablet in pursuit of greater understanding of terroir. See here.

Last weekend he was allowed home for the first time, now Lincoln has convinced the medics to allow him home full-time:  

'Hi dear friends and family,

Guess what? This is Lincoln here. I’m back at home. We convinced the folks at the convalescence home that I was in good hands at home, and they let me go. What could be better for recovery than Anne’s loving arms, the calm of home here in the vines, to see the colours changing in the evening, the growing moon, the stars, the croaking of the frogs? And the hammock on the sunny terrace.

What a couple of months it’s been! I’ll tell you more about it soon.

You have all been truly fantastic, with your messages of support and photos. The mattress with your photos pinned to it created a sensation in the Marseille hospital, with nurses and doctors crowding around to see the latest additions.

It’s been a tough time for Anne, who has had to continue working while running backwards and forwards (the trip to Marseille was particularly long) and organising all of the paperwork. Her innate communication skills came to the fore, as you all know! She has a week of holidays next week, so we are going to take things easy together.

All for now. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for your support and affection. It has made all the difference.'

Not quite Sablet but nearby Rasteau overlooked by the omni-present Mont Ventoux

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