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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Luc Charlier: no need for the ear trumpet!

I'm delighted to post a recent photo of Luc Charlier demonstrating that the ear trumpet is surplus to requirements. I have no doubt that the bottle of rare malt whisky from Ian Macleod Distillers' The Chieftain range played its part. As well as being the proprietor of Domaine de la Coume Majou in the Roussillon, Luc is doing to wine blog comments what Charlie Parker did for jazz music in the 1940s.


Fiona Beckett said...

Good to put a face to the voice - or, rather, keyboard. Imagined you looking rather more terrifying than that, Luc ;-)

Jim's Loire said...

Fiona. I believe Luc is often considered quite cuddly...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lu's shirt is nearly the colour of the 5 du vin logo-background.


Luc Charlier said...

A Flemish humorist wrote: “’t is triestig om bekend te zijn als niemand U herkent”, meaning as much as “It is a sad thing indeed to be famous when no-one recognizes you!”. Therefore, infatuated me is overpleased with the publication of this silly Jacques Berthomeau-like snapshot.
And a cockney sweetheart also sang:
“ Fame, (fame) makes a man take things over
Fame, (fame) lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame, (fame) puts you there where things are hollow
Fame (fame) ....”
So, one thousand words of thanks to you, Jim.
As for Bird, you flatter me: he was light as a feather, whereas I’m heavy-heavy; I know nothing about ornithology but am well versed in hornitology, that’s true. Finally, Kansas City is even less attractive than the Brussels suburbs where I was born and he disappeared one full year before I even appeared. But, more than anything else, he possessed to the highest degree something I’m devoid of: talent.
The dram is Ardbeg, definitely my all-favorite one, with Springbank runner-up for the moment, albeit in a totally different style.
@ Fiona: I’m sorry you ever conceived me as “terryfying”. I lack what Brits and French alike consider “good manners”, i.e. the capacity not to speak one’s mind. Apart from that, I’m a sweet person, considered, respectful of the others (if not their opinions, but that’s another kettle of fish). I even looked cute as a teenager but admit to having aged poorly. Finally, Jim’s right, the best way to get rid of me is “a cuddle and a kiss”. But I’ve deduced from some contributions to your blog that your husband is closely associated to everything you do ... and this might prevent that – besides your good taste, that is!
May I remind you you are still to give me an address in France where I could ship you a bottle of my “orange wine”, next time your are around ?