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Friday, 3 December 2010

Gatwick Airport – today – winter wonderland!!

The airport gets fluffy...

Spent a frustrating day heading down to Gatwick Airport and back today. The airport reopened at 6.30 am today after being shut for two days. Having checked that our QueasyJet flight to Inverness was still running before we left Forest Hill, we discovered that while we were struggling down to Gatwick it had been cancelled. We had been due to fly on Wednesday but Gatwick was closed all that day and the following day. Anyway we just had to turn round and return home on the snowbound lines.
The view northwards at Gatwick Station
Looking southwards

Depth of snow

Not sure what is dispatched from here – certainly not a lot today!

The mainline just south of East Croydon!


Anonymous said...

Jim, love you man! We have more snow in our chicken run!

Bob Alberta.

Jim's Loire said...

You know Bob – all things are relatives!

Jean said...

That's not real snow, it's just a dusting of the stuff !!!

We are well and truly snowed in, in Derbyshire. Did manage to get out yesterday to deliver emergency supplies of whisky to my Dad and fought our way into our own garage to fetch more wine !!

Joking apart, the travel chaos makes life so miserable and frustrating and it doesn't take a lot of snow to do that.

Jim's Loire said...

Jean South of Watford it very unusual to get so much snow (nothing perhaps in comparison to Derbyshire and Alberta) so early in the winter.

Jim's Loire said...

Bob and Jean. London is now back to normal: basking in warm sinshine, so don't forget to bring your sun protection when you come to visit the capital!