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Sunday, 11 December 2011

#Campogate: Jay Miller's 'free-lance speaking engagement' in Navarra

Jay Miller's free-lance speaking engagement in Navarra – 'not an official trip for The Wine Advocate': Campo MW 
Miller tasting in Navarra 2011

From the statement by The Wine Academy of Spain: 10.12.2011

'The Wine Academy of Spain categorically denies the acussations (sic) against Pancho Campo and Jay Miller'

a. The FENAVIN event was so successful and received so much exposure that several organizations contacted TWAS asking if it could organize a similar format in other parts of the country. During the mentioned wine fair the President of the CRDO Navarra had a meeting with our Commercial Director and with Jay Miller to organize a large event with an identical format coinciding with the festivities of San Fermín in Pamplona.

b. It was made clear to DO Navarra that this was not an official trip for The Wine Advocate and wineries could not and would not be asked for money if their samples were chosen for the guided tasting.'

 Further comment would be superfluous.

Jay Miller's free-lance speaking engagement in Navarra – 'not an official trip for The Wine Advocate' Campo MW  
Miller tasting in Navarra 2011


Anonymous said...

Watching this guy try to shuck and jive his way out of all of this is fantastic entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Mr Campo just say, well, this is how we worked instead of producing documents that prove nothing- nothing was illegal, after all...

Anonymous said...

Damning overview of Pancho Campo on elmundovino website.

Antonio Casado explains how he was employed to lecture by TWAS when Pancho Campo was grounded and sheds light on the unethical modus operandi of Pancho's organization.

A Very revealing read in Spanish

Jim's Loire said...

Anon. Yes thanks – saw this yesterday evening. Damning as you say and first hand.