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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Brett Jones on 4th plinth Monday highlighting prostate cancer

Brett Jones and Wink Lorch

Brett Jones, a member of the Circle of Wine Writers and The Association of Wine Educators, will be on the Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square on Monday 14th September from 8pm-9pm raising awareness of prostate cancer. Brett was treated and cured of prostate cancer in 2006. While on the plinth Brett will be conducting a wine tasting. Details here.

Brett and his partner, Wink Lorch, were recently in the Loire and you can read about their visit to Pierre Jacolin (Menetou-Salon) and a 'light' lunch at C'heu l'Zib here.


catenians said...

It is prostate cancer not prostrate cancer. Until a year ago I too wasn't aware of the difference between prostate and prostrate.

Now that I have become a paid up member of the prostate cancer club I know.

Keep watching your PSA guys.

Warren Edwardes

Jim's Loire said...

Warren. Thanks for the correction – have amended the post.

catenians said...

Have you had your own PSA checked Jim?

Hey this prostate cancer treatment option and wine matching sounds fun.

So what are the choices?

1. Watchful Waiting - A 1968 Gran Reserva Rioja maybe.

2. Bracchytherapy - An Oz Chardonnay with wood chips?

3. Hormone Treatment - Musar?

4. HIFU - Microoxygenation?

4. Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy - Dealcoholised wine?

Definitely no MLF as dairy products are off the diet.

Also only clarification with Bentonite and PVPP as red meat is out.

Jim's Loire said...

Warren No but I intend to get my PSA checked soon. Thanks Jim