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Monday, 3 October 2016

2016 Loire harvest – Cher Valley: Laurent Saillard and Vincent Roussely

 Sauvignon Blanc, Laurent Saillard, 
ex-vineyards of Clos Roche Blanche 

Sauvignon Blanc from Le Clos, Angé, Vincent Roussely

On Friday we made two quick visits to two domaines in the Cher Valley – Laurent Saillard and Vincent Roussely. Both were in the middle of harvesting their Sauvignon Blanc. 

Laurent was reasonably happy – no April frost and mildew under control. The only significant loss was from grapes frazzle by the sun during the July and August heat wave. Although they now have a wind machine and used smoke pots during the frost, this vineyard also escaped the frost of 1991. It seems that there is a current of air that comes down through this site, which is just enough to keep the airt moving and protect the vines.

In contrast Vincent Roussely in Angé, about five kilometres to the west of Laurent's vines was hit by the April frost, so had few bunches of Sauvignon Blanc to pick in his Le Clos vineyard. 

 Laurent's team of pickers (above and below) including 
an American in Touraine (above)

Laurent loading boxes of Sauvignon
in his van   


 Vincent's team of US student pickers 

 Vincent Roussely

 Two bunches close together – sadly a rare sight!


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