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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wine Blog Trophy – less than 3 days left to vote

There are less than three days left to vote in this year's Wine Blog Trophy, which is linked to the Salon des Vins de Loire in Angers.

The state of play as it stands:

David Farge - Le blog d'Abistodenas  346 votes 
Antoon Laurent – The Wine Patriot    237 votes
Benjamin Poussardin – Les Aventures de Bimbin Foudevin 160 votes
Marc Vanhellemont – Les 5 du Vin     149 votes
Yann Dereu - ah-le-vin                     116 votes
Médérick Tremaud – Vinobingo, Les Brèves de terroir de Med 110 
Nicolas Broute – Melon de Bourgogne  72 votes
Nove-Josserand Robyn - Novevin         63 votes
Catherine Arnaud ô coeur des vins       46 votes 
Antoine Mantzer – Le Blog d'Epicure      6 votes
Chantal sarrazin - Mademoiselle Mistral 6 votes 
Léon Mazzella – Kally Vasco                  5 votes

Voting closes on Friday 17th January@14.00 hours (CET).


luc charlier said...

Jim, some people claim showing intermediate results of a vote can alter the final result, encouraging some to vote or putting some others off. What do you think?

Jim's Loire said...

Luc. This is possible but I have merely reproduced the voting information on the Wine Blog Trophy site. I was careful not to urge a vote for any of the participants.

My post has not changed the voting order for the five leading contenders, who votes have hardly changed.

Of more relevance, I think, is the realtive lack of interest in this competition. The five leading bloggers have only amassed just over 1000 votes in total.