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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

1855 ( difficult day on the Paris Bourse

1855: screen grab of part of today's trading
Shares in 1855 fell today from 0.07€ to 0.06€ – down 14.29%. Whether this is an effect of Jérôme Baudouin's exposé in this February's edition of La Revue du Vin de France is not known, although shares in 1855 have previously touched 0.06 with a high of 0.07, which is where they closed yesterday. For much of the day shares traded at 0.06, although on several occasions a single share was traded at 0.07€ as the table bottom right above shows.

1855: share movements over the past five years

It is likely that 1855 will be very concerned that the share price does not fall further.


david vareille said...

doucement mais surement la bougie s'etaint

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, as you said the share price kept moving between 0.06 and 0.07 for quite some time. It's difficult to see the move to 0.06 as really significant. A move to 0.05 would be a different story. Olivier

Jim's Loire said...

Oliver. I agree that a move to 0.05 or lower would be more significant but the bulk of the transactions yesterday were at 0.06.

Muhammad Goldberg said...

Would you advise me to buy shares at 1855 or rather at Wine Academy of Spain?

Jim's Loire said...

Muhammah. A tricky question, although as far as I know only 1855 is a publicly quoted company.

So far today the bulk of the transactions in 1855 have again been at 0.06€.

Jim's Loire said...

@Muhammad Goldberg. 1855 will eventually (hopefully) part compensate customers I feel but I recommend betting on something more certain like the beatles getting back together if you want to gamble.

(Amended comment from Richard A. Brown.)