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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oddbins web team made redundant + new wine buyer for EFB

As previously predicted the team were made redundant yesterday. The other news is that Emma Nichols, previously Oddbins wine buying consultant, is understood to being recruited by EFB to strengthen their wine buying team. This news comes as some disquiet is being expressed here at the stock currently going into ex-Oddbins now Whittalls shops:

'Much dismay at the new wines arriving at the remaining Oddbins/Whittalls stores this week - not even cheap and cheerful lines, but overpriced and nasty ones. The kind of stuff you see in newsagents, only worse. How much does Whittalls know (or care) about what Oddbins stood for?'

Still early days and EFB are probably concerned to get some stock into the increasingly empty shops as soon as possible. Also EFB would doubtless point out that their businesses are successful and make a profit.

No news of who has bought the rights to the Oddbins name.
(Apologies an earlier similar post inexplicably disappeared due perhaps to some internet connection problems today.)


Anonymous said...

The news about Emma Nichols should at least keep the surviving staff from thoughts of topping themselves: when she was Oddbins' buyer her areas of responsibility tended to be more interesting than those directly sourced from Castel. Good to see EFB moving quickly on this issue- an early indication that they have a degree of interest in the Oddbins' culture they have inherited.

As for the Oddbins name, I wish I could shake the fear that it will reappear on a freshly doubled-in-size Ex-Cellars estate...


Anonymous said...


glad to hear it was just the e-gremlins - when the post vanished I thought the men in white wigs had been at you.

While I am on - as a wine buyer (and no I didn't buy much if anything from Oddbins in recent years)let me say how much appreciate the sound and informative way you have covered this issue. I am sure many Oddbins staff have welcomed having some information about this, while the rest of us watch as another alternative to supermarkets vanishes from the high street - still Oddbins has not been what it was since the sale to Nicholas,


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the 'SIMON BAILE ROT IN HELL' message now adorning the recently-closed Upper Street branch? I'm sure it's not the only one.

Anonymous said...

To save you a trip to Islington:

Anonymous said...

I was just about to leave the same link.... :-D

Geri Halliwell said...

"No news of who has bought the rights to the Oddbins name."


Not quite from the horse's mouth, but one of the jockeys.

The Emma Nichols appointment is a clear indication of the direction of travel.

Luc Charlier said...

It would seem it’s raining men indeed in the British wine trade !

Anonymous said...

did you guys see the message written on the window of the one in clapham junction???

very original!!!

Anonymous said...

So if press stories are to be believed perhaps more convenient Excellar administration buy backs from Baile are about to happen, this time for seven former Oddbins stores.

At least EFB have operated with speed and decency.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to agree that castel were crap and the new owners are also going to be crap. Was Baile the patsy for Castel. They got rid of a damaged Oddbins and set Baile to take the flak on the redundancy and suppliers debts that were inevitible under their stewardship.

I hate the fact people have lost money and jobs but really isnt the blame best apportioned more evenly between baile and young and castel.

In the divine comedy castel would be in the circles of hell while baile et al would really be in purgatory at worst?