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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

EFB: fine wine list

Although EFB's main list has many brands on it they do have a fine wine list with around 330 references. There are red Bordeaux from 2007 (Château Batailley) back to 1994 including Ch Haut-Bailly (Pessac-Léognan). There aren't many stellar names (or prices) and minor vintages such as 1997 are strongly  featured: shrewd buying of vintages and names that people can afford to drink?

In Chablis Laroche is the supplier with a range of grand cru back to 1997. The most recent Chablis on this list is 2003 and elsewhere in Burgundy the most recent is 2000.

Red Burgundies are all from the 1990s from René Leclerc (Gevrey-Chambertin), Georges Lignier (Morey Saint-Denis), Henri Leclerc (Puligny-Montrachet), Jean Chauvenet (Nuits-St-Georges), Gaston et Pierre Ravaut (Ladoix-Serrigny), Coste Caumartin (Pommard) and Bitouzet-Prieur (Volnay).  

In the Northern Rhône it is largely Paul Jaboulet, including three vintages of Hermitage La Chapelle – 2000, 1999 and 1998 – but there is also 1996 and 1997 Côte Rôtie from Réné Rostaing.

Louis Sipp, Schlumberger and Hugel supply Alsace – again all from the 1990s with 1999 as the most recent.  

The sole Loire on the fine wine list is the 1997 Cuvée des Fondreaux from Domaine Champalou.

There are also listings from Italy, Spain, Hungary, California, Australia, South Africa and Chile – not sure how well 1998 Montes Alpha Chardonnay (Special Cuvée) will have kept – £84 a case duty paid.
Ports include vintages from Taylors (2000), Warre (2000), Cockburn (2000) and Quinta do Noval (1995).

My guess is that if 'fine wine' is to be part of 'an exciting range at competitive prices' offered by Whittalls now that it is a 'national player' this fine wine list will need to be considerably updated and expanded. The current list looks as though it may have hardly changed for a number of years.  

Remaining 48 Oddbins shops
I see that the Guardian is reporting that 'Deloitte, which is handling the administration, said it was also confident of being able to announce an "imminent deal" for the remaining 48 shops that continue to trade.'


Robert McIntosh said...

... or hardly sold?

Looks like the kind of thing you see in a restaurant list that has no turnover of stock and looks impressive because of dates, yet actually has been sitting in less than ideal conditions gathering dust instead


Anonymous said...

Sounds, er, enticing... and makes one realise more fully that the 37 shops sold yesterday, the most prosperous in the estate, are no longer Oddbins. They are part of something else. Since these branches are a small minority of the Whittals / Booze Buster estate, its unlikely that some new Oddbins-esque buying department will be created for them. Time to start saying goodbye.

Jim's Loire said...

Robert. I suspect you are right and you have to wonder whether some of the items are still drinkable.

Anon. Unfortunately we still don't know what has happened to the oddbins brand name. Sold but to whom?

Clrearly the 37 shops will now be part of Whittalls.

Eclectic_Tastes said...

I think that unless these are part of some new upmarket venture for Whittals then they have bought into locations especially with the brand having been sold someone else (?).

Anonymous said...

more closures as of end of trade tonight. details to follow

Anonymous said...

The latest is the other shops are being shut down. All of them which is happening over the next few days. Thank you and goodnight.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that they pulled the plug

Let Oddbins RIP!!!

rodbod said...

the shops are all closed/closing, but what's happening to the brand?

Deloitte have said the brand is sold, but won't say to whom.

Jim, thank you for being the best source of information throughout this travail

Anonymous said...

The highstreet will be a much poorer place without Oddbins,however thanks to the two jokers in charge it had become inevitable.
Goodbye and thanks for all the good times which were far outweighed by the bad.

Anonymous said...

Whittals bought the brand.

Exoddie said...

Rumour has it the waste of space Simon Baile and his inept partner Henry Young will take on 6ish stores to be ex cellar. I encourage anyone in the trade to avoid supporting ex cellar in any way

Anonymous said...

I heard Simon Baile had bought the Oddbins name back. So many rumours though.
Quite who would ever do business with such a crook/retard is beyond me though.

Anonymous said...

An alleged crook of course.

Anonymous said...

Shocked and very sad for all the staff . Not to forget the ones at HO left to do the dirty work . I wonder who Mr Baile is blaming now ...?

Anonymous said...

I lose my job as Baile pulls £millions out of the company, he's a crook in my eyes and should be locked up, his wealth taken away and made to spend an hour in a room with the 200+ people's lives he's destroyed. A cowardly waster.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering , how did he pull millions from the company ?

Anonymous said...

He borrowed money from his company to himself (that he perhaps didn't have). Forgot(?) to pay PAYE and other taxes, swindled wine, rent and services from suppliers, and then went into administration via a CVA. The latter leaves him absolved of all legal responsibilities, and free to do the same all over again. By the sounds of it he has bought the name Oddbins back.

It is the responsibility of anyone that has suffered under this grotty little oik not to let his awful story go untold.

I look forward to hearing of his financial demise, but I doubt this will happen.

I hope those that have lost their jobs find new ones soon.

Jim's Loire said...

Anon. Although I fully understand your anger at the way you have been treated and at losing your job, I cannot leave the comment that Simon Baile took 'millions' from the company without evidence that this is correct.

He certainly had a salary of £151,000 from the last accounts filed at the company and Henry Young's daughters were employed by Oddbins. Were other Baile-Young relatives on the payroll?

Was there a financial advantage to Baile from the miles from nowhere deal?

If you have details please email me on, otherwise I will have to remove your comment.