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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Greniers Saint-Jean: 29th and 30th January: 10am-6pm

Voici la liste des vignerons présents:

- Valery Mordelet
- François Chidaine
- Eric Nicolas
- Sébastien Riffault
- Michel Quenioux
- Louis Jean Sylvos
- Catherine Roussel
- Michel Augé
- Christian Chaussard
- Hervé Villemade
- François Plouzeau
- Thierry PuzeLat
- Pierre Breton
- Pascal Lambert
- Etienne de Bonnaventure
- Sébastien David
- Jean-François Chéné
- Benoit Courault
- Laurent Herbel
- Joël Ménard
- Agnès Mosse
- François David
- Thierry Michon
- Joseph Landron
- Guy Bossard
- Virginie Joly
- Philippe Gourdon
- Aymeric Hilaire
- Xavier Caillard
- Mathieu Bouchet
- Guillaume Reynouard
- Stéphane Bernaudeau
- Charlotte Battais
- Mark Angeli
- Richard Leroy
- Didier Chaffardon
- Bruno Rochard
- Christophe Daviau
- Philippe Delesvaux
- Eddy Oosterlinck
- Joseph Pithon
- Patrick Baudouin
- J Carroget
- Xavier Cailleau
- Jean-François Vaillant
- Jean-François Regnier


Luc Charlier said...

Jim, my wicked brain requests you – you surely know the reason – to tell us why 3 main events take place in or around Angers on the same week-end ? I cannot imagine they are not aware of their respective dates. Is it rivalry ? Surely, they would be better off attracting people several times to the area. I attended the Sival on many occasions and no way can you share your time with another event if you mean it seriously ! Well, you can do at least two but you’re a “local”, know far more than most of us about the local estates and find easy accomodation.

Jim's Loire said...

Luc. In one way you are right as it is very difficult – probably impossible to do all three events in the time available.

I gues it is a little bit like the off-events at Vinexpo. Part of the problem comes from moving the start of the Salon to Sunday.

Luc Charlier said...

Yes Jim, surely moving the start of Sival makes things more difficult. But what I mean is, why don’t they make three separate events, spread more evenly in the course of the year ? It would mean more visitors (in terms of total days - and hotel nights - spent) to the area, more contacts for each estate, more press coverage. Or am I naive ?
I have the feeling that the Mostra in Venice will never take place simultaneously with Cannes’ Festival, or am I wrong?

cathyarv said...
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Jim's Loire said...

Luc. Although three separate events might attract a local audience I doubt whether it would attract much of a national and international one.