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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

2009 l'hurluberlu, Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, Sébastien David

Rather depleted bottle of 2009 l'hurluberlu, Sébastien David

This is a deliciously easy drinking Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil (pure Cabernet Franc) as the considerably depleted bottle above shows. A deep and dense youthful purple, it has juicy red fruits and soft texture with little structure. A refreshing wine to drink, not to analyse and should be enjoyed young. Best not served at more then 17/18˚C – cooler in summer. The wine may be named after a play by the French playwright Jean Anouilh. Pleased to see that it is closed with a screwcap.

Imported by Les Caves de Pyrène and stocked by Bertrand and Nicholas Cave à Vins priced £11.29 a bottle.


Unknown said...

Dear Jim,
this wine grower is funny and talented, I am happy to see these wines on your web page. I hope you have some bottles from Patrimoine S.D. collection on your cellar.
See you later.


Jim's Loire said...

Thanks Johan. I will have to look out for Patrimoine.

Unknown said...

Sebastien began this "collection" with the 1999 vintage, and every year he names the new vintage with a letter from "P.A.T.R.I.M.O.I.N.E. S.D" S.D for Sebatien David.
This cuvées are:

"P"ipette 1999
"A"ncestrale 2000
"T"hyrse 2001
"R"azine 2002
"I"dylle 2003
"M"i-Chemin 2004
"O"rion 2005
"I"n Vivo 2006
"N"i Dieu Ni maître 2007
"E"ndémique 2008
We wait for "S" 2009 and "D" 2010
It's so funny.

Have a good day and St Vincent Jim.


PS: saturday I will be on Cravant les Coteaux for the biggest Saint Vincent in Loire much as posible I shall send you somes pictures monday (my english is better but not still perfect)

Jim's Loire said...

Many thanks Johan. But why are you Martin?

Look forward to seeing your photos from Cravant – say hello to the Maire and tell him I’ll see him at Angers. Will you be at the Salon this year?

Bien cordialement


Johan (and not Martin) said...

I don't know why my name is Marin on my Google account, and it's impossible to rename...

For Christophe I will say hello for you, no problem...and for Angers I will stay to Vouvray one more time


Jim's Loire said...


Someone has stay behind to sell some wine while the others are enjoying themselves at the Salon!