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Monday, 1 November 2010

".... I'm 93 points on that!"

"..... I'm 93 points on that!"

A short series inspired by this hilarious video. Links here and here to an earlier series inspired by the previous video.
"..... I'm 94 points on that!"

"..... I'm 95 points on that!"
"..... I'm 96 points on that!"
"..... I'm 97 points on that!"
"..... I'm 98 points on that!"

"..... I'm 99 points on that!"

"..... I'm 100 points on that! And that's what it is – 100 points!!"

See also video by Robert Macintosh here.


Louise Hurren said...

cheeky...but spot on.

Jim's Loire said...

Thanks Louise, although I couldn't possibly comment!

Susan said...

You are a wicked man LOL :-))

Justin Roberts said...

I can't believe the hot sauce didn't get 100 points???

Jim's Loire said...

Thanks for the comments. Justin – the witch hazel just had better balance...

Jean said...

I'd be 99.5 points on a jar of Branston pickle. Perfection. (Almost)

Luc Charlier said...

I don’t see ... the point!

Jim's Loire said...

Thanks Jean. Luc – I guess it is somewhere on the way to infinity.

Iuli said...


I'm 100 points on that.

Jan-Tore Egge said...

This had me roaring with laughter.

Jim's Loire said...

Thanks JT.

Anonymous said...

It's totally ridiculous to score a shaving FOAM anywhere north of 75. GEL is where it's at these days, baby.

Jim's Loire said...

Paul. It had sufficient can age as I, too, use gel, to merit that score.