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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lebanon autumn 2005: CWW trip photos

 Detail of one of the temples@Baalbek

In early November 2005 there was a Circle of Wine Writers trip to the Lebanon, which was a fascinating and memorable visit. It was at a time of optimism – the Syrians had recently left and the wine producers, both long established and a number of newcomers, were looking to a better future. It was also a good time to visit as in under six months later the Israelis again barged into the country in April 2006. 

There were many things to remember: the producers we visited, the temples especially at the extraordinary Baalbek, Lebanese food and, above all, the amazing welcome we were given and the wonderfully generous hospitality.   

Spent a little time yesterday trying to rationalise some of my photos – need weeks to do this fully, and was sorting out my Lebanese photos, so a good opportunity to post a few.    

Columns (above and below)

Graffiti from 1886 on a temple 

 Temple of Venus 


 Amani Restaurant, Baalbek

 Various from the Beeka Valley (above and below)

 Checkpoint (above and below)

 Jesus saves

 Camel salute

 Caves de Ksara

 Bekaa goats do roam

More photos to follow.

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