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Monday, 23 February 2015

Fund to help 'Champagne Jayne' counter bullying by CIVC

Fund launched to help Jayne Powell 'Champagne Jayne' to fight Champagne authorities 

From the site:
'Champagne Jayne has spent many years of her life promoting and supporting the Champagne industry by educating and entertaining people from all parts of the world about Champagne. Despite her passionate efforts and support of the Champagne industry she is now being sued by the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (the CIVC) for deceiving and misleading conduct.

As a result of this disgraceful bullying by the CIVC, Champagne Jayne is being forced into bankruptcy. Champagne Jayne is an independent, creative professional being driven out of business by a powerful, global organisation, which has an abundance of funding and an expensive team of lawyers.

Champagne Jayne’s supporters have rallied together to create a fundraising campaign that will specifically raise enough funds to get a top gun negotiator for mediation and for closing, a QC or very assertive litigation lawyer to fight this Jayne vs Goliath battle against this disgusting behaviour of the CIVC.

Please help Champagne Jayne fight this outrageous battle by pressing the ‘Donate Now’ button and then share this campaign on social media. As a precedent not only will you be helping Champagne Jayne but also other businesses facing the same fate as a result of the bullying tactics of the CIVC.

In advance, we thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts.

Coverage of court case on Jim's Loire:

Just a few dollars from many donors will soon mount up. Time to show Champagne that their gross bully-boy tactics are absolutely unacceptable.  


Erich Russell said...

I personally have just quit all consumption of Champagne. It is no wonder Proseco is killing Champagne in sales and Sparkling wine quality has dramatically risen around the world

Jim's Loire said...

Erich I agree. I'm not drinking Champagne. Would be great if you would make a donation to Jayne's cause. Every dollar counts!

Anonymous said...

Still drinking champagne, wont stop. Napa, Willamette, Sonoma, Finger Lakes, Lodi, Alsace, Tuscany all protect their names. This should be no different. If I were to start "Jim Loire's wine blog" and start posting as such you'r defend yourself as well. There is a vested interests in protecting names and entities. You should try and create your own McDonald's burger joint.

Jim's Loire said...

Anon. I don't object to Champagne defending its trademark but I do object to the very heavy handed court action against Jayne Powell for allegedly 'tarnishing' Champagne's image.

I also object to Champagne companies like Veuve Clicquot bullying small producers who allegedly use the same colour label.

Jim's Loire said...

'You should try and create your own McDonald's burger joint.' Even I have better things to do with my time...!