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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lisbon's Hotel da Estrela and serendipity

Entrance to Hotel da Estrela (CRM)
The hotel lobby (CRM)

To find myself spending a night in Lisbon's Hotel da Estrela was definitely a bit of serendipity. Part of the Thema group of hotels and SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World), it is situated next to two iconic Lisbon schools, the Liceu Pedro Nunes and the former Escola Machado de Castro which I watched being transformed into Lisbon's new school of hospitality and tourism. The hotel building itself is a former palace which has been turned into a fully accessible modern hotel with an educational theme - evident in the design, the many artifacts and interesting salvaged school furniture. Definitely a place to be recommended to my mathematician friends.

 Detail of bedroom carpet (CRM)

The staff, some of whom are training in the tourist school next door, are charming, friendly and helpful and the rooms are very comfortable and very well equipped. Free wifi is available in the public areas. If the weather had been better, the views across the Tagus would have been wonderful. Breakfast was served in the 'cantina' - fresh fruit, yoghurts, cereals, fresh breads, cheeses and hams, scrambled eggs and good strong freshly brewed coffee!

 My room (above and below) (CRM)

 The lounge bar with soft white leather sofas (CRM)

 The 'cantina' with a mix of modern and salvaged furniture and interesting artifacts (CRM)

Wine of the week on offer

 More artifacts in the upstairs lounge (CRM)

 Lovely view of Estrela Cathedral - pity it was such a grey wet morning (CRM)

Must try the restaurant which is open to non-residents. It claims that you pay what you want based on what you think it is worth!

What excuse can I use to stay again? Mislay my house keys???
I'd certainly enjoy another stay! Cost for the room, including breakfast: 76 



Luc Charlier said...

Why do you publicize such an outstanding address at the risk of it being full-booked next time you want to call ? Thank you anyway for the hint. I’ve been promising Christine a Portuguese stay for some years now, as soon as we have some spare money. I have a lot of acquaintances in the North of the country to accomodate me, but I’m rather less well endowed in the capital.
Or is it an “advertorial” ? Did you join Anthony Chicheportiche’s squad ?
Nice pictures again. By the way, I cannot read the slate with accuracy: is it Quinta do Perdigão or Quinta do Perdição ?!? Is Rua do Capelão nearby, by chance?

Jim's Loire said...

Thanks Luc. I agree they are fine photos from Carole. We don't anticipate needing to stay there again as we have other accommodation available nearby.

You can be assured that it is not an “advertorial” ? And we haven't joined 'Anthony Chicheportiche’s squad' ?

Carole paid for her room and it was after her stay that she decided to do this post.

Luc Charlier said...

I’m an idiot and should have read the “submitted by” section:
“ ... Don't mislay your house keys that way
You’ve got to learn to make up excuses or it’ll cost you yet another stay
Oh Carole ... » (my apologies to Chuck)
Goes without saying my questions where just a pair of “interrogations oratoires” and I can tell honest people when I see them.

Jim's Loire said...

Luc. No offence was taken we assumed they were the typical robust questions we expect from a leading producer in Corneilla on the Rivièra. Some might feel these were 'insolent' even 'impertinent' but not us.

Luc Charlier said...

Not even so ! Scripta can be deceptive, that’s why I felt compelled to precise further, reading the reaction. You’ll have noted I used the very words Hervé (advertorial) and yourself (about Chicheportiche) had used. In earnest, these were NOT the robust questions “some” might find insolent, it was just an attempt at humor. I always claim responsibility (or even shame) for my “robustness” when it is there, but here, there is none at all, I promise. And this settles it, I hope. If you want another example of the same laudative report on a one-night stay somewhere, here’s one, from my own keyboard (unpaid !) :

Jim's Loire said...

Luc - my response was made to rearrange a popular saying: 'cheek in tongue'.

CRM said...

Boys ....
By the way, Luc, the wine on offer was Quinta do Perdigão ( Going to try the restaurant later this week.
I'm happy to mislay my keys again!

Luc Charlier said...

I think yet another explanatory note is needed, Carole, on my behalf.
I could actually read the slate perfectly well and it was one more example of poor pun on my tongue indeed, if not actually behind my cheek.
The rua do capelão was made famous by Amália Rodrigues, not because she worked there, but in one of her songs. Though the name “Chaplain’s street” suggests otherwise, it was a part of the Mouraría where less than vertuous people of all kinds and genders were active. Beautiful today’s fadista Mariza also has a song about it.
And perdição (as in “den of iniquity”), well, is not quite the same as perdigão (the male partridge). I hope I’ve given you the ... key to my little wickedness now!
Enjoy your meal.

Laurent said...

Jim, it seems as if your articles are beeing published on one of Anthony Chicheportiche's websites -strange - don't you think? Is it an "advertorial" ?,

Jim's Loire said...

laurent. Thanks for alerting me. This has been published without my permission and I will be asking them to remove it forthwith. It is certainly not an advertorial as far as I'm concerned as there is no payment involved.

Laurent said...

Welcome! They also seem to publish a lot of your fellow circle of wine writers members' articles on that site and articles and scores from renowned magazines such Decanter, Winespectator and else.... I was really wondering about the copyrights issue.

Jim's Loire said...

Laurent. There is certainly a copyright issue here as well as an unwanted association with Anthony Chicheportiche's companies. Will be posting on this shortly.

Jim's Loire said...

Laurent. There is certainly a copyright issue here as well as an unwanted association with Anthony Chicheportiche's companies. Will be posting on this shortly.