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Saturday, 24 September 2016

#winelover Port immersion trip – Barros, Burmester, Cálem and Kopke Colheitas

Views from Burmester

#winelovers gather 

Atmospheric shaft of light in Cálem cellars

Tasting of Colheitas at the Cálem cellars
Yesterday we were treated to a remarkable tasting of colheitas starting at 2000 and going back to 1941. We were told about the need to air these wines from time to time and to add a little more spirit just before the wines are bottled. All of these wines had been recently bottled. 

Brief notes of the tasting of colheitas – Barros, Burmester, Cálem and Kopke – from the Sogevinus Fine Wines Group:

Cálem 2000
Quite deep walnut colour, dense, richly textured, quite noticeable spirit some spice here., length, fig and raisin character. Spicy character said to come from from mahogany used in a proportion of the bottles.

Burmester 1989
Slightly less dense colour, softer less powerful than Calem attractive complexity and length.

Barros 1974
Again paler, very attractive texture, spice, nuts, light rainsiny character, length. Very fine, stylish wine.

Kopke 1966
Quite dense colour, power and wood spice, texture - mouthfeel, power and length, less complex than 1974 but more colour. CRM - a butch number.

Cálem 1961
Walnut colour, aged wood spice, concentration and spice, length and power, still needs time. Less expressive than some. Long spicy finish. Dried fruits. 

Kopke 1957
Deep walnut colour, richly textured, mouthfeel, power, spice in the finish, length. Still youthful but great complexity. Great length although wood spice becoming dominant in finish. Along with the 1974 this was my favourite of the tasting.

Burmester 1952
Mid-walnut colour, wood spice on nose, quite sweetly textured, power and length, spicy power

Kopke 1941
Deep walnut colour, wood spice nose, very richly textured, power, still big potential but wood spice becoming more dominant in the finish.

Characteristics as viewed by Sogevinus group:
Cálem: spicy and powerful rustic

Kopke: more balanced integrated

Burmester: more complex

Barros: easy, rounder, a little sweeter more residual sugar

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