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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Help us save Lugana – for us and for the future!

Lugana, the small white wine district in northern Italy, is menaced by a high-speed rail development. The Lugana producers have launched a petition designed to persuade the Italian government to change their plans.

Here is an extract from an excellent blog post by Magnus Reuterdahl on behalf of the 18,000+ #winelover community. It also has the support of the DWCC (Digital Wine Communications Conference).

'Help us save Lugana – for us and for the future!

(Posted on 16 November 2014)

On this blog I normally post in Swedish, but this is an international posting – I post this as part of the #winelover community, as a #winelover ambassador. Help us save Lugana!

#saveLugana - sign the petition here!

I want to start by saying that I have nothing against railroads or the expansion of railways. On the contrary, I think they should be expanded in order to reduce car and air traffic.

Having said this, I do not think you can sacrifice everything for this purpose, if the expansion instead destroys other natural or social values, one has to ask what is the most important. In this case, for me – it’s easy!

At the moment Italy plans to expand a portion of its railway network. In doing so they will destroy parts of a unique wine region. It is unique due to it’s size and placement. That is, one can not replace the area by just increasing it. By taking a part of it for other use you will indispensable destroy parts of an unique wine area for a very long time.'


Luiz Alberto@DWCC14

Luiz Alberto, the founder of the now more than 18,000 strong #winelover community, has recently launched Wine Sharing is Caring designed to mobilise the #winelover community for wine-related campaigns:

'Fellow #winelover,

When you join our community, ask not what wine can do for you... but what you can do for wine! This is how you prove you are a true #winelover!

Yes, I have a dream...'

#saveLugana is the first test for 'Wine Sharing is Caring' can the #winelover community be mobilised in this way. There is certainly an enthusiastic take up for #winelover hangouts but does it go further?  We will see! 

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