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Friday, 11 May 2012

There's only one Javier Hidalgo!! And he is not praising Pancho Campo!

Is there more than one Javier Hidalgo in the wine trade or was this a dirty trick?

Following Pancho Campo resigning his MW, Rupert Millar wrote a news item for The Drinks Business on 3rd May 2012. The first comment posted (see below) was very supportive of Campo and was signed by a 'Javier Hidalgo'. Several of us, including myself assumed that this was Javier Hidalgo of Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana, the producer of fine Manzanilla in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.  

'Javier Hidalgo says:
That is terrible news for the IMW. I hope Campo continues organizing those huge events like Winefuture and bringing people like Al Gore and Kofi Annan to our sometimes boring industry. A change was needed as well as fresh blood but it seems the establishment does not like too much “rock&roll” and innovation. I get the impression that being a former athlete, rock promoter and outspoken with the image of a latin lover did not went down well in certain areas of the industry. Good luck Pancho Campo.'

Six days later Javier Hidalgo of La Gitana posted this comment on the Drinks Business story:

'Javier Hidalgo says:

This is Javier Hidalgo, from Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana, Sanlúcar de Barrameda.
Just to make clear that I have not written any message in this blog or in any other regarding the Campo affair.

Someone has been using my name or there is another javier hidalgo in the wine industry.

I hope that my friends and colleagues in the Wine Trade don’t get confused, especially you, Jim. My feeling about Campo is far away from positioning myself to praise him.'

So is there another Javier Hidalgo or did a Campo supporter assume Javier's identity?  The initial poster has been traced – they have a gmail account and are based in Malaga.  

Perhaps our Malaga friend would care to clear up the confusion...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Budd, how many Javier Hidalgo do you think there are in Spain? It is such a common name like Fernandez or Perez and Gonzalez. Mr. Hidalgo from La Gitana is being a little bit of a prima dona thinking that he is the only one. Come on you guys are being naive now!

Jim Budd said...

Anon. I assume, of course, that there is more than one and have invited the poster from Malaga to clear up the confusion.

How many prominent Javier Hidalgos are there in the wine trade?

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone has to be prominent to make a post? I would say that the majority of the prominent winemakers and winery owners do not get involved in blogging, at least in Spain. Once again, this is childish and going over the top. Check how many people in the Spanish wine industry have the same name. You would be surprised.

Luc Charlier said...

As far as I am concerned, I’m puzzled at how many people are called anonymous !
Cowardice seems to be very common indeed, especially in a macho society like Spain !

Harold Heckle said...

Ah, the mystery appearance of Jaime Enlace once again. How many variants of 007 have we heard from over the months and years? Actually, Hidalgo is not that common a name, and sadly, the wine trade in Málaga is not as large as some including myself might wish - especially when you look for someone that might be familiar with the acronym IMW and Al Gore. You would have to find someone who might want to confuse the sporting disciplines of tennis and athletics, the idea of a Latin lover with rock promotion and who is aux fait enough with English to make one strategical grammatical mistake. The short list is very short indeed.

WineLush said...

It might be Javier Arauz, works with Campo. Lives in Malaga. Ever so nice to me, had some good times in Dallas together. His specialty was Sherry, he was the Sherry instructor for Campos wine program. Saw him in some photos at the Hong Kong wine future. He had left Campos program about 3 years ago for his own business, guess he went back. A pity he was involved with Campo, he loved Spanish wine. Now all the certifications he did with Campos company are not worth the paper......

Jim Budd said...

Donna. Possible I suppose but why would he sign himself Hidalgo?

WineLush said...


Why would anyone who's involved within the wine industry sign their real name to such a statement? I certainly wouldn't.

Most people post anonymous because their peers would look down on them, we'd probably be surprised at who they truly are.

If people post anon, they're afraid, so someone posting with an alias, afraid but is trying to lend credibility to their statement.

But it's a shame people post anon, chicken shit more like it, humans no longer have conviction in their ethics.

Put your big girl panties on and state it with your own name. Otherwise in my eyes anyway, you have something to hide as well.

No one would risk their own reputation on the public support of an alleged grifter.

Campo's ego is too big I think to respond to the articles, but he's wouldn't be below telling his staff to. He's smart, I'd do a test statement just like that to see if I had any supporters out there.

It's a first step to re-establishing a ruined reputation, see who's in your corner.

Of course I am only putting things together and assuming these things based on what I know about Campo, my own brief interaction with him & my knowledge on how people lie.

Jim Budd said...

Donna. Looks as though you are right. No sign of our Malaga Pancho supporting troll either here or on The Drinks Business.

Luc Charlier said...

It would seem many more people are annoyed at “anon” signatures, and not just poor myself.
Why not delete them altogether, whatever their content (praise or filth) ?
Full marks, “Winelush”. By the way, you seem to be an expert at finding rare items: weren’t you the one “married to a wonderful Brit” ? I’m only joking, I met a great Scottish lass once .... but she would NOT marry me ! Yet, I might have wanted to put on my .... “big girl kilt” for the occasion, complete with the Sporan and the Sgian Dhu .

Jim Budd said...

Luc. Leaving aside your final flight of fancy I can understand your irritation. But the poster on The Drinks Business wasn't anonymous, they had a name. Whether it was their own name is the central question.

The rapid response and their nature from anon – comments one and two here – suggests that this anon may well not be based many kilometres, especially by 'climate change' red Ferrari from Marbella and perhaps holds a position at Charade Management (aka Chrand Management).

This is one of the reasons why I will continue to accept anonymous comments.

Luc Charlier said...

You have a strong point here, Jim, and it is well taken. I was always VERY interested in politics, but have always been a poor politician and an appalling lobbyist. The reason is probably that I prefer to look people in the eyes. I used to be an acceptable foil-fencer, on the other hand.

Gerry Dawes said...

Javier Hidalgo, in addition to being the maestro behind perhaps the greatest classic line-up of sherries I have ever tasted, is one of the finest and most exemplary of caballeros andaluces I have ever encountered and one of the truest friends I have known in my life, in or out of wine world, in or out of Spain.

Whoever signed himself as Javier Hidalgo sought to take advantage
this Sherry giant's name, but as the Javier Hidalgo that counts understated, he is not apt to be found praising or defending Pancho Campo.

Javier Hidalgo is a discreet, dignified gentleman, in a world where there are not many of that genero (genre) left.

The person who signs himself as "Javier Hidalgo," knowing full well that he could possibly be confused with the Javier Hidalgo who counts, is what we call a sinvergüenza, a person without shame, really beyond shame, but we know that already.

To Pancho Campo and his silly surrogates (one suspects that they are not surrogates at all, but one and the same or minions): Do you really think you are fooling ANYONE?

Don't you realize that if you would shut up people might forget your disgrace sooner and that to keep up your "Javier Hidalgo" and "Anonymous" comments are like picking a scab off a "disgusting" sore?

The sore will never even begin to heal this way. I for one hope you keep it up, and since I know you will, please keep the name of the honorable Javier Hidalgo's name out of it or sign the statements with both your appellidos, so we can tell which MF (not MW) you really are.

(Re-posted with a couple of typos corrected.)

Jesús Barquín said...

Luc Charlier said: "Cowardice seems to be very common indeed, especially in a macho society like Spain !"

There are two unacceptable generalizations in the sentence above. Pretty much offensive indeed. Will not get involved in a discussion about who is more or who is less in any event-maybe a sign of "cowardice" by my side, although others would call it prudence. However I cannot simply look in another direction as if I had not read it...