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2012: Born Digital Wine Awards: No Pay No Jay – best investigative wine story

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

2012 Born Digital Wine Awards: No Pay No Jay wins an award

I'm delighted to have won Best Investigative Wine Story at the 2012 Born Digital Wine Awards. My particular thanks go to Harold Heckle, who obtained the crucial emails. I will be splitting the 1000€ prize with him. Thanks to ours sources who were brave enough to provide us with the emails, especially when the reaction, especially in Murcia, was to institute a witch-hunt to find out who had passed on the emails.

My thanks to Vincent Pousson, who broke the story, and to Jacques Berthomeau, who gave the initial story legs by allowing Vincent to post on his blog. Also thanks to the many who offered us their support during the investigation.   

Born Digital Awards Results
Congratulations to all the prizewinners and the runners up.
The winner of each category receives 1000€ a Jancis Robinson Purple Page membership, a pass to the 2012 European Wine Bloggers Conference and an invitation to join the Circle of Wine Writers with a one year complementary free membership. Unfortunately the CWW offer does not apply to Best Winery Self Produced Content category. The CWW also welcomes membership applications from bloggers, in particular those shortlisted for the Born Digital Awards. Details from our administrator, Andrea Warren, on      

There is an additional prize from Laithwaites, one of the sponsors of the award, who will be offering help to winners to obtain a piece of equipment that they always wanted. The first runner up receives a WiFi Kindle and the second runner up a £50 voucher to spend on Amazon.   

Best Editorial Wine Writing
1. Andrea Frost (The New Ruby Press): The Invention of Wine
2. Paul Keers (Sediment): Just Looking: The Joy of Wine Browsing

Best Investigative Wine Story
1. Jim Budd (Jim’s Loire): Campogate, no Pay no Jay
2. Evan Dawson (Submitted Piece to Palate Press): Message from California  Winemakers: Stop Slandering Our Pinot!
3. Chris Kissack (Wine Doctor): Pressure Sensitive

Best Wine Tourism Feature
2. Louise Hurren (Submitted Piece to Wine Travel Guides): Authentic wines and hearty cooking in Bucelas outside Lisbon

Best Winery Self Produced Content
1. Ryan O’Connell (O’Vineyards): Who Visits Vineyards
2. Gavin Quinney (Bauduc Blog): 13 Unpalatable Facts about the UK Wine Duty
3. Kerith Overstreet (Brulium Wine Blog): Insufferable

Best Wine Themed Video
1. Giorgia Guarienti (Off Road Strade Creative): Wine: Got to Deserve It
2. Richard Hemming (Purple Pages): An MW student’s guide to remembering appellations
3. Ophélie Neiman (Miss Glou Glou): Au coeur du bouchon de liège

Best Wine Photo Essay
1. Matt Wilson ( Small Wine Producers in the Maule Valley Chile
2. Mick Rock (Cephas): A biodynamic day at Dr Bürklin Wolf
3. Giacomo Tincani (La Basia): Tie (Legare)

The Judges:
Ulf Sjödin
Tim Atkin
Elin McCoy
Patrick Schmitt
Fongyee Walker
Hervé Lalau
Richard Ross
Wink Lorch


Justin Roberts said...

Congratulations Jim!

Strokey beard Mark said...

Well done Jim, both for the blog, which has become a regular read for us, and for consistently, erm, 'Stickin' it to tha Man', as it were.

Susan said...

Congratulations on the award. Persistance pays off.

Jim Budd said...

Many thanks Justin, Mark and Susan.

Harold Heckle said...

Good stuff, señor. Bravery, good judgement and cool analysis (with an occasional flourishing of humour) justly rewarded.

Luc Charlier said...

Don’t forget your promise, comment posted on 10 May 2012, at 00.02, see here:

WineLush said...

Well done! Well deserved!

Jim Budd said...

Many thanks again Donna. Jim

Lee Newby said...

You deserve it and more, congratulations.

Jim Budd said...

Many thanks Lee. Jim

jmaher said...

I'd like to add my congratulations, highly deserved. And I hope that you and others continue to keep an eye on Pancho Campo's activities and those of Charade Management.

Jim Budd said...

Yes. Will be interesting to see whether Al Gore actually appears at the Barcelona Experience at the end of October.