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Friday, 4 May 2012

Pancho Campo's Charade Management: fast sports cars and the Green Economy!

This morning the Facebook page of Charade Management (aka Chrand Management) has an interesting tweeted blend of the 'green economy' – 'exciting trip to Barcelona on Monday to work on the Green Economy Summit' – and the offer of a test drive of 'one of the fastest sports cars in the market'. Apparently Al Gore has been invited to this conference on 19th-20th October 'on how to improve the economy based on sustainability, ren. energy, etc.'  If Gore accepts Pancho Campo's kind invitation to the Green Conference, will he be offered the chance of a test drive? 


Article and post by Vincent Pousson

Jumillagate: la fin du nettoyage de printemps
Pas de communiqué officiel* pour l'instant, juste une phrase laconique du critique Tim Atkin sur Twitter: "Pancho Campo has resigned from the Institute of Masters of Wine." Donc, c'est fait. Ce lui qui faisait la pluie et le beau temps dans le Mondovino espagnol a démissionné. Mais avait-il vraiment le choix? 
Posted 3.5.12. Lire la suite ici.

Pancho Campo in front of 'Climate Change' – his red Ferrari

Tweet: Want to learn how sustainable development can improve the economy? October 19th & 20th in Barcelona with Al Gore, Juan Verde' etc.

Pancho Campo, l'ange déchu du système Robert Parker
La Revue du Vin de France has a piece here by Vincent Pousson on how Campogate started and on Campo's resignation ('the fallen angel'). The article features Campo standing in front of his Ferrari. Vincent is the journalist who first broke the story.

Also: Herve Lalau (Chroniques Vineuses) on the Fall of the House of Campo here.  

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Lee Newby said...

It’s a “green” Ferrari, nope red my bad. How he spins “green” and 20lt/100km ride is beyond the pale. I guess it’s the same as “quitting” the IMW so he was never thrown out of the organization and it will become he left for “personal” reasons. Anyone with credibility in the Green Movement that shows up at his conference has not done their homework and Greenies are very careful with their appearance, many don’t travel by plane anymore do to the carbon footprint they leave behind.