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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Campogate: no Pay no Jay: shortlisted for 2012 Born Digital Awards

Pancho Campo and Jay Miller 

The shortlist for the 2012 Born Digital Awards has just been announced and I'm delighted that Jim's Loire has been shortlisted in the Best Investigative Wine Story category for 'no Pay no Jay'. Should this happen to win and the competition is very tough, then I will be sharing the prize with my co-author Harold Heckle, who obtained the crucial emails. The winners will be announced on 23rd May at 16.30 at the Access Zone, London International Wine Trade Fair and streamed live on 

My thanks to Vincent Pousson for breaking the story and to Jacques Berthomeau who gave Vincent a platform through his blog to spread the story I would also like to thank Pancho Campo, Jay Miller and Robert Parker for their invaluable contributions. 

Congratulations to all those who have been shortlisted from over 300 submissions from 24 countries. 

The shortlist:   

Best Editorial Wine Writing
Andrea Frost: The Invention of Wine

Best Investigative Wine Story
Carly Wray: Malbec in Argentina
Chris Kissack: Pressure Sensitive

Best Wine Tourism Feature

Best Winery Self Produced Content
Iris Rutz-Rudel: Balade de Juin dans la vigne
Ryan O’Connell: Who Visits Vineyards
Brian Overstreet: Born to Sell
Kerith Overstreet: Insufferable

Best Wine Themed Video
Heiko Michels: Es Gart
Giorgia Guarienti: Wine: Got to Deserve It

Best Wine Photo Essay
Giacomo Tincani: Tie (Legare)
Lannon Harley: 2011 Riesling Harvest at Four Winds Vineyard
Matt Wilson: Small Wine Producers in the Maule Valley Chile
Mick Rock: A biodynamic day at Dr Bürklin Wolf
Lannon Harley: Rolling out the nets at Four Winds Vineyard

The Circle of Wine Writers is one of the partners of the Born Digital Awards.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time and money. There are more guys writing and blogging about wine than actually buying and drinking it. No wonder this industry is going down the drain. Useless effort as statistics clearly show. Budd, working for the CWW should make you unelegible. You wine writers are all a bit dodgy. He he

Luc Charlier said...

Don’t forget to thank your agent, your lawyer, your publishing company, your Mum and Dad, your wife and other sexual partners and also the large body of us, your faithful readers, who have supported you through this heavy period and hard time.

Three cheers to J B for his clear win to come.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jim. By the way, have you seen the latest comment on the article about Pancho Campo's resignation on

Jim's Loire said...

Anon. Many thanks. No I hadn't seen the very interesting clarification from Javier Hidalgo of Bodegas la Gitana. Was the initial post by another Javier Hidalgo or were they nicking his identity?

Jim's Loire said...

Luc. I can see that I may well have to commission an acceptance speech from you just in case Harold and I win through. I assume that the shorter the speech the more it costs!

Luc Charlier said...

The speech will come free of charge for you Jim !
I even forward it right away:
“Many thanks to all of you !” .... full stop.

Jim's Loire said...

Luc. I didn't forget. I thanked the cat and dog.