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Friday, 18 May 2012

1855: has Hollande's election spooked the shares?

1855's 5-day share movements@9am 

It may be coincidental but the trade price for shares in 1855 has been lower since François Hollande was elected President of France. Previously trading had been largely between 0.06 and 0.07€ a share. Now it oscillates between 0.05 and 0.06€. Volumes traded are also noticeably down but this may be in part due to the large number of French public holidays in May.

Yesterday the share closed down at 0.05 – down 16.67% on the year ie one centime. They opened up at 0.06 but have since slid back to 0.05 admittedly on thin trading. Already a junk bond will the price drop still lower?   

1855's 5–day share movements@10am  

Has Nicolas Sarkozy's defeat removed some of the high level protection that 1855 appeared to enjoy? There are suggestions that Sarkozy may have received illegal funding for his 2007 presidential campaign from the Bettencourts. Might in return 1855 have been treated leniently, despite its truly appalling trading record, as Jean-Pierre Meyer (the husband of Françoise Bettancourt) is a major shareholder in the company?  

Also it is not clear whether 1855 has now become a full-time member of La FEVAD. The ponzi scheme/scam was admitted as a provisional member of Le FEVAD on 31st January 2011. Certainly 1855 is listed as a member on the FEVAD site with no indication that they are on probation. If 1855 is now a full member I understand that La FEVAD will now become La Fédération des Escroqueries Virtuels et Arnaques Diverses and its code of conduct will be declared an official blague.  


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