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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Trialling a couple of glasses inc liscío with a few recent reds

 liscío wine glass £35 a glass 

 Tested against: Stölzle Exquisit red wine glass
£28.50 for six £4.75 a glass (Amazon) 

I was kindly sent a sample of the new liscío wine glass by Matthew Hudson. Matthew is a full-time lecturer at Plumpton College but who has 'started a small cottage enterprise manufacturing a wine glass by the name of 'Liscio', RSP £35'. 

Over the last few nights I have been trying out this glass with several reds in comparison to a Stölzle Exquisit red wine glass. Without question the Liscío is the finer, more delicate glass in comparison to the quite sturdy and heavy Exquisit. The Liscío has a very fine and delicate stem and bowl. Although I'm assured by the Liscío leaflet and website site that it is more sturdy than it appears, I does strike me as rather fragile and at £35 a glass I'm loathe to test it out by knocking it over. I'm relaxed about drying up the Exquisit after a few glasses with the liscío I think I would prefer to wait until the next day, although it can be put into the dishwasher. 

The wines: three Loire reds and a Rioja    

 2010 Louis de la Saussaye, Cheverny: 60% Pinot Noir, 10% Gamay and 30% Côt

This Cheverny has lovely juicy, red fruits with the Côt giving it a some structure – delicious to drink now. Will last a while but now may be the best time to drink it to benefit from its exuberant fruit. 

 2007 Clos des Marronniers, Domaine du Roncée, Chinon (Baudry-Dutour)

2007 was a difficult vintage for Loire reds and this is just showing first signs of fading.  

1998 Saumur-Champigny, Château de Villeneuve 

1998 was another difficult vintage for Loire reds. Jean-Pierre Chevallier produced an impressive Saumur-Champigny is 1998 by making this one cuvée. Now 15 years on it is still drinkable but beginning to dry out.   

This 2010 has nicely concentrated black fruits and having decanted it about 45-60 minutes in advance, this was considerably more impressive than when we tasted it at the bodega on Sunday 27th October during the Digital Wine Communicators Conference.  

When comparing each wine in the two glasses the result was the same.  The Exquisit concentrated the aromas more emphasising the fruit, this may be because of the top of the bowl curves in, while the liscío is straighter. On the palate, however, the effect is reversed with the liscío delivering sweeter fruit, while the acidity and structure is more obvious using the Exquisit. Fascinatingly different but I haven't convinced myself that I need to go out and spend £210 on six liscío glasses, delicate though they are.

Anyone doing a Google search on liscío glass should remember to include the accent otherwise they may get a surprise and turn up a glass dildo!      

 liscío with the 2010 Lan

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