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Monday, 25 November 2013

Save the Domaine de Vassal: video explaining work around the 7000+ grape varieties

There are now less than four more days to sign the petition to save France's collection of more than 7000 grape varieties currently at the Domaine de Vassal, Marseillan. The great advantage of this site is that the vines are planted on sand, which is phylloxera free because the little bastards can't construct tunnels in the sand as they just collapse. This means that the vines can be on their original rootstocks and not grafted.   

Here is a video (in French) that explains the work of the domaine and an article that stresses the importance of saving the Domaine and its work.  

If you haven't already done so please sign the petition and persuade your wine loving friends to sign as well. The number of signatories are gradually rising – 2987 (as of 22:55 25.11.13) but it is still some way off the target of 5000 signatures by 29th November. 

Signatories include a selection of the great and the good: Jancis Robinson MW, José Vouillamoz, Randall Grahm, Jean-Michel Deiss, François Mauss, Pierre Amadieu, Bruno Chevallet, Michel Grisard, Fabien Lainé, André Deyrieux,  André Dominé, Jamie Goode, Luiz Alberto, Jane Anson, Louise Hurren, Wink Lorch, Brett Jones, Antoine Kreydenweiss, Ken Payton, André Ribeirinho, Robert Plageoles, Julien Brocard, Sylvie Augereau, Thierry Germain, Catherine Breton, Eddy Oosterlinck,  Wilfrid Rousse, Olivier Jullien, Pascal Potaire, Stéphane Mureau, Lydia Bourguignon, Michel Bras, Benoit Tarlant, Vincent Carême, Xavier Weisskopf, Bertrand Jousset, Catherine Simon, Antoine Gerbelle, Élian da Ros, Gérard Marula, Agnès Mosse, Paul Strang, Becky Wasserman-Hone, Chantal Lecouty, Alice Feiring, Lincoln Siliakus, Olivier Grosjean Thierry Puzelat, Antoine Foucault, Eric Nicolas, François Pinon, Olivier Bompas, Olivier Humbrecht, Luc de Conti, Jeremy Seysses, Bernard Baudry, Philippe Gourdon, Philippe Faure-brac, Stephanie Caslot, Emmanuel Caslot, Michel Chapoutier,  Emmanuel Cazes, Eric Narioo, Xavier Amirault, Pascal Joulin, Yves Girardin, Bertrand Galbrun, Sylvain Fadat, Marcel Orford-Williams, Alexandre Monmousseau, François Plouzeau, Nathalie Prieur, Annie Sauvat,  Philippe Stuyck, Roger Kolbu, Robert McIntosh, Emmanuel Ogereau, Charles Philipponnat, Vincent Pétré, Jean Clavel, Elisabetta Tosi, Lily Dimitriou, David Cobbold, Jeffrey Davies, Irene de Vette, Jean Abeille, Marc kreydenweiss, Stefano Raimondi, Dominique Lafon, Peter Handzus, Philippe et Catherine Delesvaux, Ryan O'Connell, Pierre Pichot, Elisabeth Seifert, Tania Pithon, Luciana Braz, Elizabeth Gabay, Xavier Planty, Denis Gambier, Simon Woolf, Frédéric Brunier, Louis Villard, Patricia Boyer Domergue, Edouard Pisani-Ferry, Anne Graindorge, Nicolas de Rouyn, Patrick Baudouin, Vasco Magalhães, Heather Dougherty, Lizzie Shell, Jo Landron, Jacques Sire, Steven Defour, Ilkka Sirén, Cathy Henton, Roger Voss, Giampiero Nadali, Finkus Bripp, Andrew Barrow, Ted Lelekas, Mick Rock, Isabelle Legeron, Pieter Rosenthal, Leon Stolarski, Tom Perry, Benoît Fouassier, Chris Kissack, David Rowe, Ewan Murray, Elisabeth Gstarz, Ralf Kaiser, Margaret Rand, Gavin Quinney, Steve De Long, Boris Maskow, Hervé Lalau, Michel Smith, Anthony Rose, Georges Truc, Sabrina Sykes MW, Catherine Roussel and François Ribo.

Update (26.11.13): 3233 signatures

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