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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Pancho Campo's MW still has legs!

'Primer Master of Wine español'

I was intrigued to receive a copy of marketing blurb from The Wine Academy twinned with Chrand Management about a three day course – Curso de Marketing, y Organización de Eventos para la Industria del Vino. The course will be held in Marbella on the following dates: 16th-18th November 2012 and 22nd-24th February 2013. The blurb was sent out this week to a potentially interested party.   

'Primer Master of Wine español'...... Curiously there is no mention that Francisco 'Pancho' Campo is the first Spanish/Chilean Master of Wine to resign his MW. I assume that the Institute of Masters of Wine* are relaxed that ex-MW Campo is still making use of the qualification he resigned in May 2012 because of a change of direction – as he told the Institute of Masters of Wine: 'in light of his move into more sports and music events and away from wine'. 

*: Siobhan Turner, executive director of The Institute of Masters of Wine'  clarified the Institute's position in early May 2012 in response to a query from Harold Heckle regarding whether a ex-MW could use their previous qualification to 'vie for business'. Her response:  

'It is a matter of fact that someone passed or did not pass the MW exams, and as long as it was clear that the person in question was no longer a member of the Institute, we could not complain.' (6.5.2012)

Does Pancho Campo make it clear above that he is no longer a 'Master of Wine'? I leave you to judge. 

I'm also impressed that Francisco is still claiming, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that he organised Pink Floyd concerts – a master of elasticity!  

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Anonymous said...

AND he's still recommending wines I see, from this post distributed n a page in LinkedIn

MOONWINE´s wine has been recommended by Pancho Campo

Pancho Campo recommended our "Santafe reserva" wine in:

like a bad penny...