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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

1855: Philippe Castéja pokes Jean-Pierre Meyers with a sharp stick!

Entrance to Château Latour 

(1855 were recently condemned by a court in Bordeaux for failing to deliver 2008 Lafite and Latour to a customer)

 Château Lafite

I'm delighted to see that Philippe Castéja, president of the Conseil des Grands Cru Classées in 1855 has now spoken out against both 1855 and its investors (Jean-Pierre Meyers and Caisse d'épargne) that provide the financial muscle that allows 1855 and its associated companies (Cave Privée and Chateauonline) to continue to fleece its customers. Castéja's comments are from an excellent article in Le JDD published on 30th July 2012. 

"Nous sommes extrêmement gênés…" Président du Conseil des grands crus classés en 1855, Philippe Castéja ne veut pas employer de mots qui fâchent, mais le ressentiment est palpable. "Nous sommes en permanence questionnés par des consommateurs lésés qui ont payé pour acheter nos vins et qui ne sont pas livrés. C’est inadmissible. Et je ne comprends pas comment des gens comme M. Meyers ou la Caisse d’épargne peuvent se rendre complices de ces manoeuvres."

Philippe Castéja is clearly astonished that Jean-Pierre Meyers, a respectable businessman, banker and board director of L'Oréal and Nestlé, is complicit in the 1855 scam. It can hardly be comfortable for Jean-Pierre Meyers to be so publicly and pointedly criticised by one of the pillars of the Bordeaux wine establishment. Equally this is an embarrassment for Caisse d'épargne, who have recently invested in 1855 through Midi Capital, one of their associated companies.          

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hans (et francoise) said...

Jut received the "Bordeaux Primeurs 2011" catalogue from 1855. On the front page this mention: "Sécurité financière du No. 1 du marché" Would be a laugh if all this was not so sad!