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Saturday, 31 March 2012

1855 – 'Is there anything I can do regarding my 2008 orders?'

Château Cheval-Blanc: bottles of 2008 Le Petit Cheval not delivered 

This week I received the following message from KG, a UK based customer of 1855. He has been unable to contact the company and is still waiting for his 2008 en primeurs. My advice is to start legal action against 1855. 

Hi Jim,

Is there anything I can do regarding my 2008 orders?

Emails are not being replied to.

The orders are:
4 bottles Château Angélus 2008
2 bottles Le Carillon de l'Angélus 2008
3 bottles Le Petit Cheval 2008
24 bottles Château l'Arrosée 2008

Kind Regards


Dear KG

I suggest you take them to court. See recent posts on Jim's Loire see especially:

One lawyer you could consider is Gwendoline Cattier of Deprez Guignot Associés ( DDG has a growing track record in handling legal cases against 1855. 

Kind regards



'Management' and leading shareholder of 1855 
Emeric Sauty de Chalon and Fabien Hyon are the senior 'management' team of 1855 (, 1855.con). Leading French businessman Jean-Pierre Meyers, who is on the boards of L'Oréal and Nestlé, is a long-term shareholder of 1855. 

1855 is a probationary member of La Fevad.


Luc Charlier said...

Notwithstanding your sound advice, one could question the need to order 4 bottles of l’Angélus and a few more of its second wine or, for that matter, any bottle of l’Angélus at all .... 24 of l’Arrosée makes sense – I suppose, I did NOT taste this wine. Did the buyer, by the way? OK, this has to do with freedom. But as long as customers will want to purchase these items at any cost, the “Great Bordeaux Swindle” will go on !

Jim Budd said...

Luc. One could suggest that this customer would be better off with some Chinon, even perhaps some Côtes du Roussillon, but ordering Bordeaux is no reason for their money to be trousered for no wine in return.

Luc Charlier said...

I fully agree, Jim, and was only « gently » provocative.
I also said he should follow your piece of advice.
What I question is the reason for ordering en primeurs so small a quantity of a wine, and its “second best” as well (always a bad idea if you ask me), and from an estate you can pretty well do without.
Chinon, say you ! I’m totally without as of now, be it red or white. No money to spend.
Still, what trio of “best buys” would you recommend ? I like them “robust” as you can imagine and was fond of Baudry, Clos de l’Olive (of old, before it was out-rooted and replanted, that is), Dioterie and Chêne Vert, Ch. de Ligré and your friend Druet’s as well.
Have a nice day. We are all awaiting with HUGE impatience the end of the Jay Miller story.
Job well done.