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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pancho Campo MW in Valencia – marketing spiel

Pancho Campo: Chile's first MW 

Here is a link to a video of Pancho Campo's contribution to the marketing seminar in Valencia – a package that cost the region 35,000€. The video was made by Pig TV.

Pancho's Valencia presentation starts:

"The first step we recommend: We have to create a committee, an organism, a company, call it what you like, that unites the sector and gathers all the money needed to put into effect promotion and marketing. And it should monitor whoever is putting into practice those actions so as to control that it isn't profligate with the money, making sure it is used adequately. That committee, that company, has to work on a basis of a minimum salary or payment, based on results. It is not right to go paying communications agencies and publicity companies huge sums of money..."

Tell it how it is Pancho:
"It is not right to go paying communications agencies and publicity companies huge sums of money..."

Do you mean by any chance DO Valencia paying you and The Wine Academy of Spain 35,000€ to bring Jay Miller along?


As an antidote to the above Ryan Opaz posts his thoughts at no charge on the Pancho Campo scandal and offers a way forward for the marketing of Spanish wine. Read on Catavino Cha, cha, cha, changes…Spanish wine needs to learn from the Pancho affair.



Undefeated said...

I have probably seen no speech so empty of content and plenty of useless information.
If this guy is any country's's getting mad.

Really bottom level.

Anonymous said...

That must have taken him all of 2 minutes tgo put together. Maybe less. Hell, he probably made it up as he went along.