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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Open letter to Loire organisers – please get your act together for 2013!

Tasting@Le Greniers St. Jean sadly impossible in 2012


Renaissance des appellations: Mark et Martial Angeli, Virginie Joly, Guy Bossard, Philippe Gourdon, Richard Leroy.

La Dive Bouteille: Sylvie Augereau

Salon Les Pénitents: Thierry and Jean-Marie Puzelat, Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme

Salon des Vins de Loire: Jean-Louis David (Interloire), Benoît Roumet (Bureau du Centre) and Clair de Lune

This morning I received an invitation to the annual Renaissance tasting (28th and 29th January 2012) to be held at the Greniers St Jean, Angers. I would love to go but unfortunately this year it will be impossible. Just as it will be impossible for me to go to La Dive Bouteille (29th-30th January) at Château de Bréze as well as the new Salon Les Pénitents starring the Puzelats and friends. Very unfortunate as I am sure all of these events will be very worthwhile.

Normally these various Salons are the weekend before the Salon des Vins Loire. Unfortunately the Salon des Vins de Loire is a week later in 2012 – 6th-8th February, while all the other 'associated' or 'Salons off' are on 28th-30th January. There is no way that I can travel to Angers for the 28th-30th and then return for the Salon des Vins de Loire. I suspect that this is the same for many lovers of Loire wines, who are based outside the valley.

Without apportioning blame for the lack of co-ordination in 2012, can I make a plea for some joined up thinking and better co-ordination in 2013. Please hold all the events over the same time period in 2013. I'm aware that not all of you share the philosophy or aims but this failure of co-ordination hurts the Loire.



Per and Britt, BKWine said...

I have the impression that some of the big wine shows shun the "off" events and try and make life as difficult as possible for them, with the thinking that the off:s are parasites on the fame of the big show. that is very unfortunate and narrow-minded. However, I have no idea if this is the case for the Loire Salon. I hope not. More events at the same time means that more people will be attracted to come.

Jim Budd said...

Exactly right Per. We weighed up for 2012 whether it would be better to go to the off-events or the Salon and came down on the side of the Salon.

I trust that this will not be a decision we have to made in 2013.

Neil Irvine said...

What cack minded imbeciles planned that. With the whole world of wine competing for buyer/consumer interest the Loire decides it will be stronger through a splintered approach!!!
Seriously, think outside the box a bit. Be creative, embrace differences... The modern consumer/media world thrives off difference.
Stop thinking like yokel farmers, join the 21st Century.

Jim Budd said...

Thanks Neil. Totally agree! So far the explanations have been on the level of it wasn't us – it was them...

Time for clear thinking and some leadership.

Chris Kissack said...

The Salon organisers are establishing a track record of fooling around with the Salon dates; last year it was moved to Sunday-Tuesday instead of Monday-Wednesday, in direct competition with the off-events. This year it is a week later than usual. We all know that the off-events have to book in advance - it was only a few years ago that the Renaissance event was reduced to one day because somebody else got in first to book the Greniers for a wedding on the Saturday. This looks on the surface like an effort by the Salon to sideline the likes of Joly, Leroy, Bossard and their peers, very few of which exhibit at the Salon. An exclusive rather than inclusive approach which is to the detriment of all concerned. From the outside it all looks like the petty politics of La France Profonde - I only wish they could see that.

Jim Budd said...

Thanks Chris. All parties should recognise that sidelining any group of producers, if this is the case, is against their interests and against those of the region.