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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Stupendous 1995 Coteaux du Loir, Eric Nicolas

1995 Coteaux du Loir, Cuvée de l'Effraie, Eric Nicolas

Enjoyed a fabulous bottle of 1995 Coteaux du Loir, Cuvée de l'Effraie from Eric Nicolas at the RSJ Restaurant tonight in the company of Nigel Wilkinson, the owner, and Jérôme Billard of Domaine de la Noblaie (Chinon). 100% Chenin from a small appellation in the Valley of Le Loir, which is an eventual tributary of much larger La Loire to the south.

Brilliantly fresh tasted blind I would be amazed if someone was able to pick out that this wine is nearly 20 years old now. Beautifully precise, wonderfully balanced and long, it had touches of honey and citric notes. All in all an unexpected treat! Had we not pulled the cork this evening it would doubtless have lasted at least another 20 years.   


Luc Charlier said...

Do you remember, way back in the '80ies and even '90ies, the very sharp, crisp and fresh Loir wines, especially Jasnières (from Joël Guigou for instance)? Sometimes, they were at the edge of thorough "acidity", not to everyone's liking. Now, most have kept the freshness, but abandonned the oversharp side. Why is that (you know them so much better than I)? Is the ripeness better, do they allow MLF to proceed, are they less concentrated? I'm sure they will be better accepted by the overall public than was the case then.

Peter van den Besselaar said...

Great to read!

Jim Budd said...

Hi Luc. This 1995 from Eric Nicolas certainly still had a backbone of acidity. Certainly some of the Gigou wines (which like), from some vintages from the 1990s were lean with very crisp acidity. On the other hand his 1992 was delicious young.

Much I think depends upon the vintage and perhaps increased ripeness through improved viticulture and riper years.