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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Portraits of some Outsiders in Montpellier tonite!

Le Trio du Clos du Serres –  Béatrice et Sébastien Fillon et Nicolas Mollard

A few portraits taken at the Outsiders' tasting this evening @La Panacée – mainly producers but not entirely.

Ken Payton (film-maker, photographer, writer)  

Ken Payton has a photo exhibition called Traces that opens tomorrow from 18h at Scrupule, 26 Rue du Faubourg Figuerolles, Montpellier. The exhibition runs until 14th February.  

Nearly a selfie – my camera but  Ken took the photo

Jan-Ailbe, Château Rives-Blanques 

Nina Schomakers (Domaine Jonathan Pabiot)
Jonathan Pabiot as a slightly concerned gunslinger from Northern France!
A true outsider in this company!

Trevor Gulliver, leading London restaurateur 
including St. John Restaurant

Daniel James, Domaine Saint-Hilaire

Jon Bowen, Domaine Sainte Croix

Elizabeth Bowen, Domaine Sainte Croix
Robin Williamson, Domaine de Saumarez

Nicolas Mollard, Le Clos du Serres

Angélique Grijseels
Château de Panéry 

Rutger Grijseels

 Caroline Henry concentrating hard

Cyril Bourgne, Domaine La Madura

 Nadia Bourgne, Domaine La Madura


luc charlier said...

Good snapshots, Jim, including the one of yourself, but not BY yourself. So,in the end, it's probably your camera which is exceptional, after all ! I meet Cyril Bourgne quite often ... in Ostend. Charming chap en lovely juicy wines. Christine and I spent the best part of a day (and had lunch) with Elizabeth Bowen last week (at André Domine's). She's such a sweet person. We were thrilled by her grenache cuvée from old vines: concentration, perfect integration of the barrel aging, elegance. In Flemish we say "Een wijn om U tegen te zeggen", approx: "A wine to say YOU to", U being the polite form to address a distinguished person.

Jim Budd said...

Merci Luc!

Louise Hurren said...

On behalf of the Outsiders group, let me say: lovely pictures Jim, we really appreciate your support, thanks for coming. :-)

Jim Budd said...

Louise. Thanks – my pleasure and I also enjoyed many of the wines.

Château du Petit Thouars said...

Great pictures Jim! Very nice presque selfie as well!