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Saturday, 26 October 2013

#DWCC: some subjective and delusional aspects of Tim Hanni MW

This might be Tim Hanni MW with his new book 
– but I might be mistaken...

Excellent presentation by Tim Hanni MW* this morning on how everything we think is objective is actually subjective and that it is human to be deluded. It would have been good to see Tim and Arto Kostelo as the two keynote speakers yesterday. I gather that Clark Smith's presentation on wine and music was very good – a real pity that his keynote put me off going!   

* It may not have been him at all, that the photos show someone else entirely and that I am completely deluded in thinking that this is or was Tim Hanni MW this morning!   


Robert McIntosh said...

Tim is a very interesting speaker with a great point to make, hence inviting him and dedicating a session. This session needed to be more interactive, hence the attempt to do a workshop instead. Clark's message was more suited to a 'platform' and was therefore better for the keynote, even if it seems the delivery of the message may have got a bit garbled at times.

However, both created interesting conversations that began in Rioja and may continue for a while longer

Jim Budd said...

Thanks Robert. I still think that Tim would have made a good keynote speaker addressing taste and flavour.

Unfortunately I was not impressed by Clark Smith's presentation, although I gather his workshop on wine and music was well received.