La SA 1855 en redressement judiciaire - Terre de Vins

Comment from someone who is still waiting for their Bordeaux primeurs:

I am not sure if you have seen, but I get at least two emails such as these from Chateauonline daily.

They seem to have stepped up their marketing campaign in the last month, clearly they are trying to drum up revenues.

I do not believe in coincidences, but DDG instructed some Huissiers to actually go and seize assets of both 1855 and Chateauonline (procédures d'exécution forcé) to try and settle my outstanding delivery in addition to whole load of others plaintiffs, but this was not successful.

So DDG have pooled together various plaintiffs and have started another procedure, to be heard on 24 October 2013, called une assignation en redressement judiciaire which I think is the first steps towards forced liquidation. To be honest, I am not 100% sure of that, you would need to check with a lawyer in France as to what this means, but I know that this is serious and if 1855 ignore this, I am fairly certain that this is the end of the line for them.

If you ever needed any confirmation of the crookedness of this firm, this latest marketing campaign must be it. DDG is of the opinion that they will come to the hearing on 24 October 2013 armed with a cheque to settle their current outstandings. In my view, the only way that they can do this right now given their cashflow is by financing this by recent sales such as the one below, assuming that they can dupe other poor souls.