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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Epeigné-les-Bois – results of 1st round of les élections municipales

Here are the results of the 1st Round of the municipal elections for Epeigné-les-Bois (Indre-et-Loire) held on Sunday 15th March 2020. 

It is clear that the list (highlighted in Yellow) headed by a trio – Jean Candiago, Dominique Hisbergue and Michèle Prieur – are the clear winners with ten candidates from their list elected on this first round. Six women and four men were elected to the Conseil on the 1st Round. 

No candidate from the list (highlighted in green) was elected on this 1st Round. 

There remains one more place on the Conseil, which will be decided on the 2nd Round to be held next Sunday 22nd March.

Listes des candidats

Jean-Marie THIREAU 44.21% Non  

Fabienne SOMMÉRIA 61.58% élue

Odeh RISHMAWI 40% Non

Michèle PRIEUR 53.68% élue

Aurore NIBAUDEAU 43.68 Non

Stéphanie MAGHISSENE 62.11% élue

Daniel LAUMONNIER (Maire-Adjoint)    45.26% Non

Julien LAMBERT  47.89% Non

Dominique HISBERGUE  49.47% Non

Ludovic GUILLON   49.47% Non

Fabrice FOUANON 41.05% Non

Viviane FÈVE  55.79% élue

Claire DUPRÉ 65.79% élue

Frédéric CHEVALIER 69.67% élu

Michel CARATY 61.05% élu

Jean CANDIAGO 63.68% élu

Amélie BORGNIET Conseiller  46.32%  Non

Amélie BOGUET 56.84% élue


Daniel LAUMONNIER (Mairie-Adjoint) and Amélie BORGNIET (Conseiller) were on the outgoing council. 

See my previous post on these elections.  

Results on the Internaute site. 

Update: 16.3.20
President Macron is due to address France this evening at 8pm (7pm UK time). It is expected that he will announce further restrictions – perhaps a virtual lock down. It looks increasingly unlikely that the 2nd Tour due on Sunday 22nd will be held. What happens to the elections including last night's results is unknown.  





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