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Friday, 20 May 2016

A partially wasted journey to Inverness....

Peter Goldsmith's van
The original photo 

Peter Goldsmith's van
Exposure adjusted

I caught the 7.18 Caledonian Sleeper from Kingussie to Inverness this morning. As the overnight train nears its final destination – Inverness – it takes on day passengers. 

Why you might wonder?

I was due to give evidence from the Sheriff Court in Inverness via video link in a case at Maidstone Magistrates Court. This case arose from a unwanted intrusion to our family celebrations on Boxing Day. Two noisy drunks in a van came into a private drive, hit a car and then left. As they left I took the photo above. It turned out later that the driver was a Peter Goldsmith. 

They didn't get very far as they drove down a twisting narrow lane they managed to get stuck – where they remained until the police arrived. 

Charged by the police Peter Goldsmith decided to plead not guilty hence my journey to Inverness this morning to give evidence via video link. 

It turned out that the video link would not be direct rather the Scottish Court System providing the relay between Inverness and Maidstone. 

In the event I didn't need to give my evidence as Goldsmith decided this morning to change his plea to guilty. Apparently when he had been interviewed by the police he told them that he couldn't remember anything and that they would have to prove it. Obviously he had a change of heart......         

From Kent Police 
'I am writing to update you on the outcome of today’s hearing and to advise you that following a guilty plea, Peter GOLDSMITH was sentenced today in connection with the offence of Excess Breath Alcohol and Failing to Stop and Report a Road Traffic Collision as follows:


12 Month Community Order.  This means the offender will have to attend appointments with a probation officer and carry out any instructions as part of that order including 150 hours of unpaid work in the community and a 20 day Rehabilitation Activity programme. He is also disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for 30 months. The offender was also ordered to pay a £50 fine as well as court costs.


Please note that this sentence includes other matters also sentenced on the same day.'

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