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Monday, 23 June 2014

Viñas Santa Rita: 'agent orange' award for sustainability

Orange grass is so artistic and 'environmentally friendly'!

Jim's Loire is delighted to recognise Viñas Santa Rita's sustainability programme with an 'agent orange' award. It is good to see a company be so proud of their orange weedkillered vineyards that they featured them in their news and press releases section of their website.  

 Recent news with orange background

Wine awards

Press releases with an orange background

Extract from the Santa Rita sustainability programme:

'A commitment to sustainability is one of our values, which we understand as the combination of environmental friendliness, social equity, and also having the capacity to run an economically viable business.

That is why our sustainability strategy at Santa Rita includes measurement and management of our performance in environmental, social and economic areas throughout the winemaking process. That is, from the field to the glass.

Main Aspects of the Sustainability Program
Our sustainability program focuses on four of the most important aspects of wine production and from this perspective measurement processes are incorporated for an effective administration of all sustainability aspects and to work on projects aimed at producing continual improvement.

1. Vineyards:
We have implemented measurement processes in our vineyards that allow us to efficiently oversee vineyards, implement a water management program, and to inform ourselves of the climate conditions that are affecting them so we can make informed decisions on the effective and responsible use of resources. Some of our projects are related to:

• Reduced water consumption: 70% of our vineyards use modern irrigation technology, which reduces the amount of water consumed per hectare by 35%, thus maximizing efficiency.

• Reduced use of synthetic fertilizers and nematicides:'
(No mention of reduced or rejection of the use of herbicides)


Luc Charlier said...

I love this one, Jim, really do. Some three years ago, a Dutch jounalist had expressed the view that he had spotted "rather too much weed" amongst my vines. You cannot please them all !

Jim's Loire said...

Thanks Luc.