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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Olivier Cousin: the nonsense continues

The prosecution appeals against 4th June 2014 verdict
Just when the Olivier Cousin case appeared to be over it has been reignited by the prosecution lodging an appeal. Presumably they consider the verdict to be too lenient. The prosecution had asked for a fine of 5000€. Instead Olivier Cousin was ordered to pay a symbolic euro to the Fédération Viticole d'Anjou Saumur and a similar sum to the INAO.

The Fédération Viticole d'Anjou Saumur and INAO are also appealing not for higher damages but instead asking the Angers Court of Appeal to confirm that Cousin had usurped appellation Anjou.  

These appeals surely confirms that Olivier Cousin was the real victor on 4th June. It is bizarre that the Fédération are now appealing as on 4th June they issued a statement in the name of their lawyer claiming victory: 'UNE VICTOIRE POUR LA PROTECTION DE L’AOC ANJOU'. So why is the Fédération now appealing?! Doubtless there will be some Anjou producers wondering whether the subscriptions they pay to the Fédération are being put to best use.   

It is also very likely to again open up the debate over Appellation Anjou's far reaching claim to have the sole right to use Anjou. What would happen I wonder if next year Olivier Cousin put 'Produit d'Anjou' on his 2014 Pur Breton?

See here my post on the 4th June verdict

Olivier Cousin: 2013 Pur Breton
(Produit d'Anjou) 

Incidentally his 2013 Pur Breton is currently Pur Plaisir!     

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Jacques Berthomeau

See blog post from Jacques Berthomeau  
Jacques is not impressed. This gives a flavour:

'Du côté de la Fédération viticole de l’Anjou c’est  de la connerie pur sucre – faut dire qu’ils aiment tant la chaptalisation – elle fait appel pour des dommages et intérêts a minima, c’est-à-dire qu’elle ouvre à nouveau la porte des médias nationaux à Olivier Cousin.

Bravo les artistes, l’Anjou vous en sera éternellement reconnaissant.'

The appeal may well sharpen the debate over 
Anjou Cola and 'Produit d'Anjou'

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