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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Serial and master fraudster Paul Freeman returns with Wines World Wide Ltd

 Paul Freeman in Mauritius

Paul Freeman beside a beach in Mauritius 
Doubtless his many US medical clients will be heartened to see that 
Paul Freeman enjoys a tolerable lifestyle and is
too occupied to defend case in Tennessee
48-year-old Paul Freeman (DOB: 9.9.1964) has recently set up Wines World Wide Ltd based in Peterborough, Freemans home town.

Paul Freeman could be considered a benefactor of American doctors. He has dedicated much of his life to alleviate their potential back problems by fraudulently thinning their wallets.  

Freeman, along with Anil Knoli, was the architect of the remarkably successful Ocean-Seed (Ocean International Marketing/ Seed International) scam, which brought in hundreds of millions of dollars. Wine was one of its main strands, firstly Champagne and then Bordeaux. Although the main office was in Rotterdam, there was an office in London's Mayfair and Ernest Saunders of Guinness fame was for a while employed as a consultant.

More recently Freeman and others were peddling 'worthless' shares in medical companies such as British Medical Trust Company Ltd based in Mauritius, which led to a court case in Tennessee*.  The case was brought by 88-year-old Dr Harry Peeler against the British Medical Trust Company Ltd (based in Mauritius), Paul Freeman, Beth Freeman (Pauls wife), Carly Freeman (Pauls daughter), Ryan Ferreira, Global Biohealth Solutions Ltd and Daniel Barlett.


Anonymous said...

Paul Freemans former partner is now doing the same thing jim:

Anonymous said...

Jim, why are you not commenting on Venulum? Are you working for Giles Cadman? their investors are losing million by "investing" in the same "contracts" as seed and architects of wine. These comments which are not being published are being screen grabbed so your silence on the issue will be made public. You are supposed to be an honest journalist but you select what you print. Why won't you print this???

Anonymous said...

When are you having your next meeting with giles cadman?

At the end of October I was contacted by Giles Cadman (Northampton, DOB: 27.10.1969), who explained that he was an investor. However, Cadman has now claimed that he is a director of Churchill Associates Ltd. He is certainly works for Churchill Associates. In the UK Cadman is a director of two companies Corkers Ltd (incorporated 3rd June 1999) and The Wine Corporation Ltd (incorporated 15th September 1998).