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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

2nd October: Olivier Cousin's judgment picnic

 Olivier Cousin

 The offending label

The current label without Anjou

Judgment will be handed down on Olivier Cousin at the Tribunal d'Angers in Angers on Wednesday October 2nd. To mark the occasion Olivier is inviting people to picnic in the square in La Place du Palais du Justice, Place Leclerc, Angers. Olivier will be arriving with his horses and a barrel of red wine.  The picnic will start at noon and the judgment at 14.00.

Olivier Cousin faces a maximum of two years in prison and a substantial fine (up to 40,000€) for using the label at the top of this post. As it was a vin de table it was against the rules to put Anjou on the label. Although technically this is an offence Cousin wasn't really misleading anyone. The vines are in Anjou and the wine is made from Breton (Cabernet Franc). At most the offence merited a slap over the wrist and perhaps a small fine – certainly not a long running court case stretching over two years! French justice is in danger of making itself look an ass here, especially when you consider that no action has been taken by the French authorities against, Emeric Sauty de Chalon and Fabien Hyon despite numerous court judgments against them for failing to buy and supply wines their customers in France and elsewhere ordered and paid for.

The details are on Olivier Cousin's Facebook page. If you are in the area on 2nd October it would be great if you can make it. If this is impossible please give Olivier a message of support on his Facebook page. See also a post by Sylvie Augereau  

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