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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Peter May: A Treatise on Viticulture by A I Perold

A new edition is now available

A new edition of A Treatise on Viticulture has now been made available by Peter May as he explains:  

'A Treatise on Viticulture by A I Perold was published in 1927 but was never reprinted as a result of the printing plates being destroyed in war time bombing and the death of the author. Used copies sell for vast sums. The book is now out of copyright and I have spent a year transcribing the book to create a new edition.

'A I Perold (1880-1941) was South Africa's first Professor of Viticulture and Oenology. He dedicated himself to improving the quality of grapes for wine, brandy and the table. He studied wine and brandy production in Europe, imported more than 60 varieties to the Cape and bred new ones. Perold said this book “is intended to serve both the student and the practical grape-grower. There are in it technical passages that will appeal more to the student, e.g. the chapters dealing with the biology of the vine, its external and internal morphology, the theory of grafting. My remarks on the practice of viticulture, such as those dealing with the propagation, manuring and pruning of the vine, the production of table grapes for export, will, it is hoped, assist the practical grape-grower as well as the student.” This is a newly typeset reprint, not a photocopy. Text has been aligned to match the original pagination so any external references to pages in the Treatise will be valid in this edition.

'Available in both paperback at £25 and hardback at £35 from Amazon or with 10% discount plus free postage direct from me –'

A Treatise on Viticulture by A I Perold, 712 pages B&W

Paperback: ISBN 978-0956152329

Hardback: ISBN 978-0956152336

Published by Inform and Enlighten Ltd, 2012'

Peter May relaxing on a beach@South Island, New Zealand: November 2007

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