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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Tricky and awkward quiz – can you tell the difference between Château Latour and Chai Latour?



A restaurant called called Chai Latour in the outskirts of Lille has been accused by lawyers acting for Chàteau in Pauillac of potentially confusing the public by its choice of name. 

Chai Latour was established some six years ago and chai is a nice pun on chez and is run by Thierry Latour – hence the name.

Although to the uninitiated the two properties shown would appear to be rather different in size and function, there must clearly a possibility of confusion as it is likely that Château Latour is able to be able to afford to hire top lawyers irrespective of expense. It, thus, as one can expect that they have an level of intelligence that matches their hourly rate, it is surely reasonable to assume that these legal eagles do indeed find it difficult to distinguish between Thierry's establishment at 66 rue de Pérenchies, 59237 Verlinghem and the vineyard and winery of Château Latour just to the south of the town of Pauillac. 

I wonder whether dispute arises because people have been phoning up Château Latour to book a table or even turning up at the gates demanding to be fed by Thierry Latour? Here is Thierry's carte.  

Naturally I wish to be helpful so have devised this simple but tricky quiz:

Is Château Latour A or B? Take your time! 



Bob Rossi said...

I thought these kind of things only happened in the US.

Jim Budd said...

No not just in US, Bob, but usually it is the CIVC (Champagne authorites). Hope the quiz wasn't too tricky.