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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Loire Cabernet Franc producer – can you help?

Chinon: The Vienne and statue of Rabelais 
on north side of bridge 

The Vienne, Chinon and its château

Jim's Loire has been approached for help by AJ. Can anyone identify this producer please? In terms of the size of caves and on the north side of the Loire, this rather points to Bourgueil. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Of course if AJ is mistaken and it is south of the Loire then Saumur itself is possible but Le Puy Notre Dame more likely.  

'Some years ago I visited a grower situated somewhere between, I think, Saumur and the Chinon area on the north bank of the Loire.  I remember his wine and the fine quality but cannot find any record of his name of whereabouts. 

The dead giveaway in my view is that under the winery was a steep staircase which led down to a huge network of old, I think he said Roman, mine workings.  They were big enough to drive a bus around, went on for miles and had access from the outside.  He used a small area which he covered with gravel as his cellars.  Does this ring a bell with you? 

I am planning to visit friends in Saumur in June and wanted to visit that vineyard again.  Any help in identifying him would be greatly appreciated.'



Château du Petit Thouars - Loire Valley Wines said...

Hmm... doesn't ring any bells. Let us know if you solve the mystery!!

Jim Budd said...

No leads so far. My guess is that it is Bourgueil/St Nic.

Micaela and Sue said...

Possibly Sebastian David he has a cave which you have to drive into or Domaine de la Chevallerie which has a steep stair case that leads down into the cave.

Christian Giraud in Les Caves near Le Puy used to have a cave that you could drive into but he does not own it anymore.

Jim Budd said...

Thanks Micaela and Sue. There are certainly caves at both Bourgueil and Le Puy that you can drive into

Anonymous said...

Could it be Domaine de la Chevalerie? Ticks all the boxes...